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David Yurman depicts in his most recent female muse, The Weeping Willow Collection. With ever-astonishing imagery typically pulling from on-trend moguldom i.e. Kate Moss, Joan Smalls, Gisele Bundchen & Kate Upton. This time imminent personification erupts from a signature piece of mother nature that statures beyond the known. Showcasing an intimate, behind the scenes look at the inspiration & design process behind his luxury jewel house. David’s whimsical development from ideation to tangible art, draws from both his imagination and god’s work. Crystallizing the energy and statement making essence of the baubles eventually coming to life in his hands at the workbench.

A very early evening walk through arching willow trees near Yurman’s country home further inspired David to design the intricately crafted Willow collection with Sybil, his wife.

The graceful designs interpret David Yurman’s iconic cable motif in a slender, feminine way and effortlessly layer with his existing collections.

Like fronds dancing on a light breeze, there is a kinetic energy in Willow. “There’s a bit of organic harmony,” says David. “Like everything in nature, it’s perfectly asymmetric.”

David Yurman Weeping Willow

David Yurman Willow


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