Yes We Are Late, Surgence of Emerald | Did Someone Say “Money”?

Emerald 2013Ok, so we are late, but our two cents aren't: colors evoke certain feelings for us, and are choosen for a reason. Blue evokes feelings of calm while red may be worn when angry. In times when there's a struggling economy and things seem like looking up, everyone goes straight for the green in lieu of something less expensive. Green–the color of money, the color of wealth, the color of power, hello! It represents not only success but also the achievement of the American Dream. But it’s not just green, or moss or even olive that people are flocking to this year. It’s emerald, and it’s 2013's color of the year!

Despite trends in everything else, coming or going, the feelings the trends represent are everpresent. Just like the emerald light at the end of Daisy Buchanan’s dock representing both hope and the American Dream for Gatsby, emerald represents hope for a better future in 2013 and beyond.

Pre-Fall 2013 Runways were stuffed with emerald green creations. Gucci to Zac Posen, Kenzo and let's just say everyone in between, pushed it as the only standout color alive and flourishing. Acne and Sportmax sent sleeveless pantsuits in emerald satin and cotton down the runway, while Zac Posen and Gucci opted for beautiful evening gowns in flowing chiffon and voluminous tulle. Burberry was prim and proper with cocktail dresses in metallic emerald leather and a more subdued emerald lace. As for Pre-Fall 2013, Oscar de la Renta did ladylike jackets and skirt suits  dresses in emerald while J Mendel featured an emerald knee-length mink coat. Let's just say this never-green always emerald, represents a resurgence.

Gatsby's belief in the green light gave his aspirations hope for a better tomorrow, let's take a hint from the fashion industry and feel the optimistic symbolism behind our favorite color, for now, and all of the pantone variations to be discovered and celebrated. How's that for CASH MONEY!


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