When Showing Interest in A Prospect: Don’t Play Yourself!

Basketball Wives Fight

Dating can be crazy, emotional, and really volatile. It's important to take heed and not overstep your boundaries…allowing a man to always be a man. After a friend referred to the Basketball Wives as the "Black Golden Girls", I roared and decided to put together a nice list of rules for  A) Not Getting Played and B) Not Playing Yourself. Following up on Dealing With A Player, Bring Your A Game:

  1. Don't Fight Over a Man — If a man wants you to fight, leave him
  2. Don't show pre-mature adoration — Players Live for This…and Love the Cake, that comes along with it
  3. Make him Prove Himself To You
  4. No extravagant gifts, You should be on the RECEIVING end for the first 6 months
  5. 15% of what he does of you, you do for him in gratitude
  6. Only entertain men that court you, and prove their belief in your worth
  7. Have serious standards, stick to them and make them known
  8. No Babies before Marriage, it's the easiest way to get less than what you deserve
  9. Be Loving, But Don't Say It First
  10. Know yourself, better than you know him, so you don't get lost


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(When Showing Interest in A Prospect: Don’t Play Yourself!) :