Vivienne Westwood Presents her New MAN…and Sculptures Made of Trash at Harrods London

Vivienne Westwood's Men

Usually, fashion and garbage don’t really go together. Actually, one might say that fashion and garbage never go together. However, when you add Vivienne Westwood and Harrods to the mix, the result can be environmentally friendly and even a little chic. At Harrods in Knightsbridge on January 8th, Westwood presented her MAN Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 collection alongside some, well, trash. To be precise, the sculptures, created by artist Joe Rush, were actually made from recycled urban waste, such as metal and found objects. The main structure of the exhibit, called ‘Rustang Sally,’ was constructed completely from disregarded Cadillac and Chevrolet parts. Westwood wanted the juxtaposition to inspire people to join her CLIMATE REVOLUTION campaign. Vivienne Westwood TrashOK, so the concept is kind of cool, definitely different, and clearly attention grabbing. While most designers are presenting their collections in more traditional ways, Westwood, with the help of Harrods, was able to preview her collection in an innovative way that allows an artist to showcase his work as well. But what about the clothes? The exhibit did show off a few pieces from her line, including a three-piece suit in head to toe plaid, a navy blue flight suit-esque piece very reminiscent of “Top Gun,” a varsity-type jacket, and lots and lots of herringbone print. Although I doubt the windbreaker/cape complete with clear visor will be seen on the streets, the rest of the preview seems wearable, impressive, and leaves me wanting more. Unfortunately, the full collection won’t be presented until January 13th in Milan. Until then, at least we know that one simple formula is sure to work: Vivienne Westwood + Harrods + Joe Rush + Trash – Ugly Windbreaker/Cape = a great menswear collection and some very cool sculptures.

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