Tom Ford Radiates Autumn with Brilliance & Gaud

We are counting our lucky stars that the days of stinky cologne drenched on your college boyfriend (feh!) are over. Tom Ford unveils his new signature fragrance for men that will transform your guy from a weekend couch potato into a sexy, Mission Impossible stud. Tom Ford Noir combines the intrigue of citrus with glowing Italian bergamot and verbena, the urbane sophistication of smooth spice, black pepper from Madagascar and nutmeg and the dangerously exotic fragrance of amber mixed with a pinch of masculine Indonesian patchouli oil and vetiver oil. Exquisitely packaged in a rectangular smoky, black glass bottle, the ribbed sides will evoke all kinds of pleasure.

Tom Ford Beauty Autumn 2012 Collection

Tom Ford’s savvy, cinematic foresight into how women dress has trickled into the unveiling of Tom Ford Beauty Autumn 2012 Collection. We are over the moon with his color details and cannot wait to swipe the palette onto our eyes, lips, cheeks and nails.

Eye Color Quad $75

We felt a magnetic pull with the first glimpse of the Eye Color Quad. This quartet of color can be used for a barely-there fall face or lure out our inner drama queen. The four opulent shades range from translucent sparkle, to shimmery satin to matte. Keep your eye out for Emerald Lust, Silvered Topaz, Burnished Amber and Crushed Amethyst.

Lip Color $48

The perfect pout can change an entire conversation in just one lipstick application. The Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color fuses bold pigments with soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil for a creamy texture that captures the light and will mesmerize your crush. Shades to look out for are Scarlet Rouge, Cherry Lush, Crimson Noir and Deep Mink.

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss $45

If full lips are not your calling, the Ultra Shine Lip Gloss will give you a sensuous pucker without all the fuss. The velvety-smooth texture is perfect on its own or will give your lipstick a shimmery layer to last all night long. Colors Wet Violet, Naïveté, Love Bruise and Lost Cherry can do a lot for the imagination.

Cheek Color $55

Until now, the orgasmic flush hasn’t been mirrored in a blush. We give the Tom Ford Beauty Cheek Color a glowing report as the designer has magically transformed a cream blush into a sexy radiance and luminosity that will make any delivery boy blush. The rich emollient cream blush won’t streak your cheeks and we double-dog dare you to test out Ravish, Wicked and Flush.

Nail Lacquer $30

Giving the finger to your arch nemesis is a definite No-No, however if your digits are decked out in Tom Ford Beauty’s nail lacquer, we will turn the other cheek. The high-gloss, high-shine polish gives you freedom of expression, especially in Bitter Bitch and Dominatrix.

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