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Tieks by Gavrieli for Tired Feet

We’ve all done it – squeezed not-quite-so-slim thighs into a pair of too skinny jeans, heaved that-time-of-the-month breasts into a strapless, and crammed wide feet into a pair of Cinderella shoes, claiming they fit perfectly. Life doesn’t have to always be about six-inch Loubitouns and sacrificing for fashion. When your dogs are barking, don’t divorce elegant style and gorgeous calves for comfort (a housecoat and slippers will NEVER be retro chic). We dare you to defy the rules of fashion and go for panache AND ease (we know, we know, this is a hard pill to swallow). Who knew that a pair of Tieks (prices range from $165-$295), the “fashionable, full-time flats that fold to fit in a small purse,” would snowball into a couture must-have that fit as neatly into your Birkin bag as your compact and Chanel lipstick? Intended to be your support staff, these super-cute ballet flats are effortlessly interchangeable with your sky-scraping heels and will still give your legs that long, sleek look. The foldable split-sole design is compact, lightweight and cushioned so your little piggies will feel pampered with every step. Even as the weather takes on a crisp chill, Tieks will still be your BFFs so you can save your releve for the next ballet barre class. Tieks fit true to size and, already, we are stocking up our collection for fall with favs on the list including Sienna Brown Croc, California Navy, Clover Green, Ruby Red Patent and, of course the fashion staple, Matte Black. Darker colors not your fashion vice? Tieks has a new wave of couture declarations with colors including four Neons in Pop Pink, Galactic Green, Unmellow Yellow, and Outrageous Orange. For you romantic-wannabes, check out the new softer hue of Romantic Blush.  And, PETA enthusiasts, rumor has it that Tieks is launching a vegan line that won’t use any leather products. Our prediction? The minute this no-pets-allowed line rolls out, a pair will grace the feet of well-known Hollywood vegans.

Haute Couture, POSHGLAM

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