The Special Six

Transitioning from summer into fall does not need a complete wardrobe replacement. Color and texture are pretty much the main measure of deliberation.

Here are six pieces that spell out Fall:

Forming ripples on the fashion surface last season, the grey shoe returns unambiguous and detailed. This delicious pointed gray patent shoe from Topman embodies this look perfectly. Pair with dark, rich colors and edit the shine from any accompanied accessory.


Nothing speaks of the fall the way Scottish tweed does. Rich in heritage, this rough-surfaced fabric is an awe-inspiring piece to bring to your wardrobe, and no one masters it like J.Crew…Enough said


With shirts, don’t think you can wear any all year round. Take the time to separate your shirts for the different seasons, establishing a different temperament for changing temperatures. This rich burgundy shirt from Banana Republic speaks for a chilly season with the perfect ratio of sophistication and spice.


Translating color and texture fluently, corduroy is a great fabric to bring into your wardrobe. American Apparel makes an amazing fitted pair known as the Corduroy Slim Slack. Push the envelope with colors like mustard and gray.


Scarves are a handsome complement to an outfit; much like ties, they vary in color, size and pattern to fit the occasion. This military scarf from French Connection has great texture and a sophisticated dark color palette.


Last but not least, the bag. This remarkable Canvas Tug Tote by Bill Amberg is perfect for a mini fall getaway, ushering the autumn leaves and chilly breeze most appropriately.



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