The Peacock and the Crow Story

Alex Monroe has been a favourite of ours for some time. Established in 1986 he has a celeb following including Sienna Miller and Thandie Newton and has been featured in most of the glossies at some point. His natured inspired work is always if the best quality. It’s his new quirky cute collection that has got us talking at the moment.

Originally designed as a capsule collection to sell at Liberty, The Peacock and the Crow range was an instant hit which has led to it being a full range for the Autumn/Winter season. The designs are based on an old folk story of how the two birds got their colours… Originally the two birds both had plain white feathers, but moved by a field of flowers, the Crow painstakingly painted the Peacock in a beautiful palette. When it was the Peacock’s turn, he didn’t want to waste any time in showing off his new plumes, so promptly, and rather spitefully poured a pot of black ink over the Crow.

It is a collection of two halves, one glamorous and one slightly gothic but both very pretty. It’s almost bohemian, probably down to its folk story roots. The collection is full of feathers and jewels and stays true to Monroe’s original natural inspiration. You choose whether you want your look to be bold and flamboyant or more dark and mysterious.


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