The GHD Midnight Styler for Gorgeous Tresses

GHD Midnight Styler
Every time a new hairstyling tool comes out we get a little giddy, hoping this one will be better than its predecessor, and we’ve finally found the mecca of all styling tools. The GHD gold styler from the Midnight Collection uses GHD heat technology to transform your hair into silk. Whether we’re looking for perfectly straight tresses, ┬áribbon curled tendrils, or glammed up waves and flips this GHD styler lets us do it all. With the slide of a switch, the Midnight Styler is almost instantaneously heated, and ready to use. The flecks of shimmer in the golden plates glide through seamlessly, adding a luster to our hair we’ve never been able to get at home without the use of a potent shine serum. The Midnight Gift Set brings the salon home, the beautiful brocade GHD monogrammed case doubles as a heat resistant mat, and the two sectioning clips make styling even easier. It’s the perfect tool for those days when you want to let your hair down in style, or those days when you require a handful of bobby pins for an updo to rival the red carpet and we’ve got the styling tips you need.

The Goal: Perfectly Straightened Tresses
The GHD Method: Working from the bottom up, taking half inch thick sections of your hair, glide the styler from the scalp to the ends. For stick straight tresses – make sure you hold the styler straight while moving down the hair shaft. For curled in ends – slowly curve the styler as you move down the shaft of your hair.

The Goal: Ribbon Curled Tendrils
The GHD Method: Treat your styler you would a pair of scissors on a ribbon, starting with one inch sections of your hair, use the styler to clamp down near the scalp and manouver the styler at about a half turn while slowly gliding down to the ends. Want looser curls? Take larger sections and glide the styler faster.

The Goal: Glammed Up Waves
The GHD Method: So you’re feeling like channeling Farah Faucet today, section off about a half inch horizontal section of hair and clamp the styler down at the root. Start by giving the styler a half turn and gliding it down a few inches and stop. Keeping the plates clamped together, rotate the styler about one full turn up and glide down another few inches, stop again, and rotate the styler about one full turn downward, continuing this pattern until your reach the ends. For a tighter, more finger combed wave effect, glide the styler about an inch before rotating throughout.

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