Tatjana Anika Eugenia Swimsuit Doubles For Olga Kurylenka In Miami

Tatjana Anika Eugenia Swimsuit in Delave Olga Kurylenko in MiamiPlanning your next big (or small) holiday? Need a skimpily clad bathing suit to make all your friends and fellow vacationers jealous? Bikinis are so totally 2008, and if you want to make a lasting impression, you should go with something different. Less “look at how my swimsuit looks like a bra and panties” and more “look at how hot and sexy I look.

Your haute sauce needs something more modern, like Tatjana Anika’s Eugenia swimsuit. And there’s an added bonus: if your secret weapon for getting free poolside drinks is having your hard nipples poke through your bathing suit (and it totally should be), this swimsuit will have you swimming in mojitos by noon.

Bond girl Olga Kurylenko was recently spotted wearing this swimsuit on the beach in MIA. This chick looks like she’s 25 going on 20, but is actually 33 years old. Seriously, what the hell? Do all Ukrainian-French hybrids age this well? But lesbihonest, whatever black market super drug she’s consuming, it’s working because she looks taut. Looks like the Atlantic must have been a bit frigid that day, though, because her nips are out of control. Either that, or she’s totally wearing fake nipples.

The swimsuit is on sale for £80, so if you want your own sexy, nipple-baring concoction you better act fast. If delave (which is apparently another word for blue) isn’t your color, it comes in black, red, and olive green as well. Tan at your own risk in this baby, though, and definitely slather on the SPF if you do. The only thing worse than being pale is having circular tan lines on your abdomen.


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