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Friday, November 6th, 2009


Ranjana Khan Spring 2010

IMG 0231 266x400 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010

Ranjana Khan creates some of the most coveted jewelry pieces in the industry today. Her creations are timeless, elegant, and are truly in a league of their own.

Her Spring 2010 Collection, “Faded Opulence”, takes inspiration from historic jewelry and the fallen aristocrats who at some point owned that jewelry. The pieces are combined in a unique, yet beautiful way mixing chains, flowers, crystals, and so much more. Khan created many stories in her imagination of women piecing together the last of their precious jewels in order to create new pieces.

In order to achieve the look demonstrated in the line, Khan used a series of very intricate and clever techniques from burning crystals and the petals of silk flowers to stringing together baroque river pearls in a very impromptu way. One of Khan’s central ideas is to always create a alluring blend of contrasts which makes her pieces truly exceptional.

Ranjana Khan’s Spring 2010 Collection is for women who love that old-world appeal and who think of their accessories as the jewels of their eyes. More highlights from the collection below.

IMG 0222 266x400 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010 P1016195 400x362 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010

IMG 0253 266x400 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010 IMG 0415 266x400 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010

P1016229 400x282 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010

P1016309 400x378 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010

RKN244 285x400 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010 RKN316 266x400 Ranjana Khan Spring 2010

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