Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


7 Things to Remember in Picking a Prom Dress

CorsagesThe majority of senior high school girls find it time-consuming and baffling to pick a prom dress. They often spend lots of time shopping for the finest dress – and why not, when every girl there wants to look beautiful and elegant when they arrive at the venue? Your dress can make or break your prom night experience. So to help choose the best dress for the prom, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Always Consider your Body Type

Girls often forget to consider their body type when choosing a prom dress. Sure, there are a handful of posts that can give you ideas about what’s hot and trending in 2015, but the painful truth is that not all of those trending styles will fit every body type. There are different body types, such as pear shape, apple shape, hour-glass, triangle, ruler and inverted triangle body. Find out what’s your body type, then it will be easier to pick the right style of prom dress.

2. Pick the Color that Complements your Skin Tone

Look through fashion magazines and articles to research which colors complement your skin. Girls with fairer complexions may opt for pastels and softer colors to further enhance their look. The color choices often include, ocean blue, light raspberry, corals, soft tangerine, white and champagne. Dark-skinned girls may choose cobalt, light yellow, ruby-red and electric orange to bring out the natural shine and glow of the skin. Girls with medium skin tone can go for cream, dove-gray, light blue and beige for a brighter feel.

3. Check your Budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend for the dress a few months before the prom. This way you can allot a budget for it and avoid overspending. The price of prom dress often ranges from $100 to $1,050. However, it is possible to find stylish prom dresses with below $100 price tag at shops that are on sale. The best thing to do is to visit at least five stores, so you can compare the prices.

4. Do not be an Impulsive Buyer

Girls can be impulsive buyers as they tend to immediately buy the item that catches their eyes. But, this is not advisable if you are looking for a prom dress. Think of the “what if” scenario. What if after you bought a prom dress you found another dress that is more flattering. Are you going to buy the other dress? Check out different shops and see what they have, then you may narrow your search until you find the right one.

5. Do not Pick the Trending Style

Avoid choosing a style that everyone else will have. If you are fond of buying the hottest style of dresses that are featured in the magazines, don’t do this in choosing a prom dress. Chances are, one or two girls will wear that dress to the prom. You do not want to attend your prom seeing other girls donning the same dress that you have. Look wider and deeper on what style suits you and not the trending one.

6. Never Compromise Comfort

A common mistake in choosing a prom dress is opting for the one that isn’t comfortable to wear. Pick a dress that is not too revealing, so you will not spend the entire night pulling down your skimpy dress. An ideal prom dress is not too tight nor too loose, too long or too short, and too much embellished that you will find it hard to sit down because of bulging decorations. Enjoy the night by wearing a dress that won’t bother you.

7. Plan Ahead

Give yourself ample time to plan what dress to wear to the prom. One or two months prior to the prom is enough time for you to start looking for that perfect dress. It should never be that difficult, especially with so many stores you can find, such as the Prom Outfitters. When you find the right dress, it is surefire that you will have a memorable prom experience.

Prom is a major part of high school life; hence everyone should be at their best. Remember that wearing the wrong dress can ruin everything and can hunt your memory for years. So how do you like to look at your prom party?

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