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Southern Gal Mel Boteri, Redefines Bespoke Bags

What makes a Southern Gal? her drawl? her appreciation for family? her ability to kill them with kindness? or that Southern home training that let’s you know she’s a lady. Never leave the house without perfectly primping and putting your gorgeous face on, we know! Let’s not forget, combining that sweetness with the best accessories for showing your pedigree. Status symbol, maybe? Let’s just say these bags are made to order and require some creativity of your own.

Mel Boteri’s fall collection fuses utilitarian structure with know-your-market customizations. Dare we say Atlanta…these bags are coveted around the world. You can tell a lady by the bag she carries and Mel’s ingenious merging of creative engineering and unique design go far beyond her design studio in Georgia. One of the shining stars of the South’s fashion capital, Melanie Mueller has put Atlanta on the map, and rightfully so. With all of the bustling design talent emerging out of the city, Melanie serves as not only an inspiration, but proof that ideation can spark from any region of the world.

The Amber bag pictured above is a striking staple red, much like many of the pieces, it’s timeless and doesn’t show it’s season. Our love for what’s stylish and fashionable makes the price point of the bags make sense, throw in the bespoke, and you have a made to order personalized creation.

Mel’s site provides the ability for clients to customize almost any aspect of her original designs. You can literally select a bag online and change what you will. Thrilled? We called it.The South’s next fashion bigillionaire. All fashionable eyes on Mel Boteri Atlanta, and after you customize that bag, check the pipeline…here come the shoes.


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