Scandalous Rules to Live By


Wonder why the Summer break has brought forth a number of opinionated posts/non-designer editorials? Well, wonder no more: with the break in pitches and lack of PRs on hand for fact checking, we’ve decided to entertain you a bit with well, a little POSHGLAM Madness, if only just for fun.

If you happen to remember the cartoon “Recess” that came on during “One Saturday Morning” over a decade ago. The Ashleys being the characters I remember the most, they were quite “Scandalous” and in fact it was their famous moniker.

Anyway, the point of it all is: Women have a tendency to be catty and want to believe the worst about other women — hey, it’s a male dominated societe, but it’s important to minimize the drama in an effort to protect the very ideas we so dearly hold on to as women to keep our self-respect. Afterall, a woman disrespected anywhere is a threat to woman everywhere.

With that said, here are a few “Scandalous” Rules to Live By:

  1. Don’t promote “Drama” even if you think it’s true
  2. Challenge cattiness with common sense
  3. Try not to spread rumors, it’s more of a reflection of you
  4. Be careful what you believe, gullible is written on the ceiling
  5. Befriend women that don’t have many “GOOD” friends, offer advice on how to demand respect, how to avoid office politics etc
  6. Avoid diatribing — if there’s a problem with a person, talk to them immediately and assertively and diffuse it, but don’t threaten or act aggressively, which could intern put them on-guard further escalating the situation

Just a fun reminder for you guys…after all, we’re far to old for all that little girl shit!

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