Repair for your Winter Hair & Rescue Your Coif

Unless you want your locks to turn into icicles the second you step out the door, you’re going to be using your blow-drier more and more as the weather turns cold. This means dry, brittle hair that’s just begging for a little extra love an attention. So, give your fringe some TLC with POSHGLAM’s guide for healthy winter hair and keep your style polished.

+ Stop shampooing everyday: The thought of greasy hair might send shivers down your spine, but your hair’s natural oils help keep it shiny and soft. Shampoo strips all your natural oil away, leaving hair squeaky clean, but when you add heat styling into the regimen, your hair can end up the consistency of straw. So every two to three days, skip the shampoo and just run a light conditioner through our hair.

+ Always use a heat protector. A hairstylist once told us that “adding heat to your hair without a protecting product is like wearing jeans without underwear on.” Sounds painful, but that’s how your hair feels when it’s directly exposed to 400 degree heat. Coat your hair in Chi Silk Infusion, which gives your strands extra armor, in addition to making it soft, smooth and shiny.

+ Repair and arm: Damage is inevitable. It’s a fact of life. However, there are ways to slow the degradation of your hair’s quality. Trauma Treatment by Lanza is a leave-in creme that is meant for colored hair, but makes all damaged hair types soft and healthy-looking again. This is one product we swear by and won’t go a day without using. Put it in your hair liberally after showering, and after a few weeks, your hair will feel dramatically different and closer to its natural texture. It’s like a time-machine in a bottle. For hair that’s weak from all sorts of over-styling, try L’Oreal EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment. You can leave it in your hair overnight, and it works to heal damaged hair while you sleep. This is especially great if you have thin hair and don’t like weighing it down during the day with lots of different products. And it absorbs quickly so you don’t have to worry about it getting all over your bedding like conditioner does.

+Skip the styling: Give your hair a break every now and then look high-fashion at the same time. Braids aren’t just for summer, and when paired with a cute knit beret, you have a pretty style for winter that looks like you put more time into it than you did. Don’t use a boring three-part braid, through. Scrunch your hair then pull it to the side and do a long fishtail braid. Pull some of the pieces out of the braid for a hot, sexy-messy look without the damage.

+Glaze, not frost: Hair can get dull and lifeless during the winter, especially when it’s being stuck under a hat or hood during your morning commute. Resist the urge to remedy this by coloring or highlighting your hair every few weeks, which can further damage your hair. Freshen up with a clear or colored glaze, which can be done at home or with your stylist. Your hair will look healthy and shiny and you can do it between colorings to keep your hair color from looking drab and one-dimensional. Aveeno Living Color preserving shine glaze revives your color while giving your hair an extra boost of shine. It’s a great way to look like you just left the salon while protecting your hair and minimizing damage. When is that ever a bad thing?


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