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Q&A with Thomas John (@MediumThomas) | Celebrity Psychic

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After chatting with Psychic Thomas John, he offered insight into my life: mentioning I would be very close to billionaire status in this lifetime, I would meet my husband in 2014, I will donate a lot of money to charity and I will have 4 kids. He was very pleasant and thorough, I had a lot of questions about his belief in GOD. He mentioned he was raised Catholic, but currently doesn’t believe in GOD (cringe) and threw in some curve balls for your reading pleasure, enjoy!

How do you live your life? Do you always know what is going to happen or are you a spare of the moment type? 

I try to be spiritually led in everything I do. I always consult my intuition and I notice that when I don’t listen to something I felt intuitively, that’s when I have the worst outcome. 

What’s your take on fate, free agency, self-efficacy and how they all interrelated?

Certain things are on our “collision course” so to speak and there is not getting around that, but yes, we do manifest our own destiny. When I read for people, I get the most accurate readings when I ask my guides to give me timing and time frames taking into consideration someone’s free will and free actions. Sometimes, the answer I receive is that the person will have a choice, and that there is not a 100% clear answer on what the best choice is. Sometimes the answer is much more black and white. 

If you can predict the future, do you believe you may be a prophet or have healing powers?

Prophecy has been around since the beginning of the time. The Bible was written by people who were prophets, and prophets have lived in every major culture and every historical time period. To this end, yes, my abilities do align with what is known as prophecy. 

Can everyone tap into divine knowledge? When did you determine that you have psychic abilities?

Everyone has the ability to more intuitive about their life, to understand their life and experiences at an intuitive level, and to deepen their awareness of what is going on around them from an intuitive level. To a degree, everyone can access intuitive information that is provided from spirit guides. This being said, not everyone should do what I do for a profession. 

About Thomas John: Thomas John is a psychic medium and clairvoyant, as well as a published author and life coach who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from the University of Chicago. As of 2010, Thomas has exclusively focused his efforts on mediumship and psychic advice. He maintains a full time, private practice dedicated to psychic mediumship where he helps individuals around the world connect with loved ones on the Other Side. Thomas’ talents have also been featured in national media outlets.

Psychic Medium Thomas John is an internationally regarded psychic sensation who has conducted hundreds of readings across the country and beyond. His clients have included Wall Street moguls, doctors, and lawyers as well as several high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Courtney Cox. His readings are known for their incredible accuracy and specific detail, and provide unequivocal evidence of the survival of consciousness.

Twitter: @MediumThomas Facebook: Thomas John Website: Medium Thomas

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