Opinion Poll: Is Beyonce Not “Co-Star Worthy” for Leo & Bradley?

If you are one of the throngs of Beyoncephiles out there, our girl can do no wrong. Earlier this year she was slotted in for Clint Eastwood’s remake of “A Star Is Born,” then  unexpectedly dropped out. One of the rumors circulating is many of the actors approached (Bradley Cooper, Leo, Tom, and even Batman), all declined because they didn’t think her acting was up to parin other words, up to theirs! Wait a minute, if she’s good enough for Idris Elba and Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx, she must be A-list approved. Right? Apparently not. So for the intents and purposes of this article (and calling their complete hypocrisy), I’m gonna focus on Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio. Assuming any of this is actually true, of course.

Allegedlyboth Leo and Bradley, were none too keen on the idea of Beyonce as their co-star. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for both of these men’s work, if nothing else (just kidding). They are incredibly gifted actors, who obviously take their “craft” very seriously. Does that however justify that they can pick and choose, who qualifies as “co-star worthy.” Especially if you consider their other co-stars (and yes that’s why I’m focusing on THESE TWO!!) I hear you Bee fans collectively cry, are we talking about the same guy from “The Hangover” franchise; who’s castmates included former real worlder Jamie Chung and a Gibbon? That Bradley Cooper? Yes, I know! Or our beloved Leonardo, say it isn’t so! Who if I remember correctly, was more than happy to act opposite the lead singer of a certain Funky Bunch – twice.

Which does make one wonder, if gender and race play any role in their decision making process. To be clear, I’m not calling these A-listers prejudiced or sexist (elitist maybe), but it does appear these two elements factor in “when and where” they feel the need to interject. Furthermore, I’m not ashamed to admit that I LOVE Bradley’s body…  of work, and he’s definitely down with the swirlwhich pleases me no end. Yet why should “he” be in a position to approve Zoe Saldana’s (who he’s also dating) acting, but not Bee’s? I mean what denotes “quality acting” Brad, the ability to run around Colombiana in your undies? Taking down large mercenaries (when you weigh all of 90 pounds soaking wet) with your tiny fists of fury. Or perhaps crawling in a pleather onesy (conveniently shot from your perfectly pert rear) is the real key to the Stanislavski method. Acting, like movies, is a very subjective medium. More about preference, than practice.

At the end of the day, it should be the director’s opinion that really counts. Especially when that director is critically acclaimed Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood, he obviously had genuine faith in Beyonce to deliver. Questioning her role, by default is questioning his choice; and I really don’t think either actor has enough years on him for that. According to Variety, Mr Eastwood’s interest is now veering towards jazz musician Esperanza Spaulding. Who has no acting experience at all, but she did attend Julliard so hopefully that suffices. Should either of these guys return to sign on with her as the lead, I’m going to think this has a lot more to do with being overshadowed by Bee then acting opposite her.


— Trixie Label

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