Opinion Poll: Does this Film Depict An Air of Fascism?

We all know fashion, especially Haute Couture has it’s obsession with ‘perfection’ and Euro-Centric ideas of beauty and elegance. I kid you not, we wouldn’t expect more-or-less from the ‘creme-de-la-creme’ of the Fashionable Elite. After reading this NY Times Opinion piece on High-Fascism, I haven’t really viewed the fashion world the same.  Three white men (homme) one black child (boy). If you really consider the roots of the French savior-faire and the lack of inclusion of ‘indegious’ people (dare I say people of color), it’s quite apparent that the fashion industry has inadvertently rebuked every aspect of non-whiteness for lack of more ignorant terminology. So, your white-ness, is this piece ‘fascist’ that was debuted during the opening of the Dior Homme Miami Boutique, or is it a refection of the crude undertones of the industry we call high-fashion? Please read the NY Times article before commenting, be totally honest, and remember this is for the sake of sparking a conversation. Please try not to offend the fashion-forward masses!

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(Opinion Poll: Does this Film Depict An Air of Fascism?) :