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Friday, January 25th, 2013


Opinion Poll: Debunking Myths, Let’s stop Shaming Sluts & Educate them!

Slut Shaming Opinion Poll: Debunking Myths, Let’s stop Shaming Sluts & Educate them!

First and foremost, what makes someone a “Prostitute”? Conjuring up a definition here: If you are doing anything sexually on command in exchange for anything else, it’s very much along the lines of what street walkers do. To put sex in the same category with bartering is to take away its intent and purpose. So, What is a “whore”? In my opinion, a woman that will degrade herself sexually in exchange for something she wants. Whoring is more of a “mentality”, if you have the “flaunt your stuff” to get more “stuff” mentality, if falls in line with the same idea of fucking to win.

Now that we’ve laid that on the line, what’s wrong with “Slut Shaming”? Shaming women who enjoy sex or have lots of it is not only wrong, but dumb. Sex is a personal choice…if a woman is exercising her choice to sleep with someone, that’s quite liberating either way. We hope that she maintains her decision making in the process and chooses as she pleases. Not only is “Slut Shaming” wrong, but it’s more likely to desensitize the world to rape victims, victims of sex trafficking and women that are being degraded.

The problem with Prostitutes vs Sluts:

We all have a choice, what is called agency or a decision to make. A woman that accepts cash in exchange for using her body is either misguided or desperate. There’s this underlying desensitation going on in the media that “everyone is a whore”, most women know, this is not the case. Misogynistic men and idiotic women will lead women to believe that the only way to get “what they want” is to use “what they have”…but what we possess is not between our legs but the POWER to choose who we sleep with based on other reasons residing in our heart.

The problem with prostitutes is: Many of them have convinced themselves that this is what everyone is doing. Let’s debunk this myth and move on to why they deserve better. Every day is a choice and every decision is the next progressive, the problem with not seeing these women as “lost” or “misguided/desperate” is: We see them as predators rather than women that should be educated on how to value themselves.

It all starts with self-worth, and when a woman knows her POWER lies between her ears and not between her legs, she conducts herself differently.

Modern day “sluts” are: Women who sleep with a lot of men willfully. Now, let’s not confuse the two. A “Slut” is similar by not valuing herself, and equating sex with “POWER” but the problem is: Oftentimes women that are deemed SLUTS by men aren’t necessarily or nearly as bad as the proclaiming men would covey. A woman’s choice to sleep with someone is her own. When men refer to women as “SLUTS” many times it’s for the sake of deteriorating the woman’s self-esteem and leading her to believe that her only value lies between her legs and that she is forced to use ‘what she has’ to please ‘the world’.

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(Opinion Poll: Debunking Myths, Let’s stop Shaming Sluts & Educate them!) :