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Monday, December 1st, 2014

Luxury, New York, POSHGLAM

Alex Geana’s First Solo Show. Intended Consequences

Alex Geana 785x507 Alex Geana’s First Solo Show. Intended Consequences
I wanted to make a show about money and power, because it’s so relevant to New York City, as people from all over the world buy midtown apartments that they’ll never step foot in. It seems like we’ve already forgotten the crazy that happened just five years ago, a new-gilded ages is forming, right after the old gilded age popped. Luxury, luxury, luxury !!!

Yet we’re more uncertain, afraid with our mortality showing, wealth is being used as a weapon by oligarchs and moguls with too many toys. We’re all affected. The unique thing about bodies of work that encompass wealth, is that’s it’s a highly relatable theme. The picture is as much about the person’s relationship to wealth and perception to money as the picture.

The YBA ( Young British Artists ) dealt with the topic in the eighties, but few American artists have tried taking it head on. The skull itself has been repurposed by Damien Hirst. While Richard Prince simply pulls other people’s instagram photos and charges a bundle. We’re in this age of re-appropriation and repackaging. From Credit Default Swap to art. We need it to understand what we’re viewing.

I’ve become obsessed with rephotograpy. Yet want to do it with my own photography. I feel like it’s quite lazy for an artist to use someone else’s work and call it their own. It’s expensive to constantly print and reprint a picture.

I will have a gold skull in the show. I added the paint, inlay and foil myself. It’s going to be in the center of the room, in many of the pictures and part of the shows underlying theme. The goal is to create a big print of the skull itself. Titling it “You will compare me to Damien Hirst. I am not Damine Hirst.”

This show is me acting out. Being rebellious taking a massive risk and challenging notion. I love doing my commercial work, yet wanted to challenge myself and an audience.

I want to work with artifacts from Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, try to gain access to fabulous spaces. It all takes money. Because I’m an emerging artist, I can’t rely on past sales to fund future work. That’s where kickstarter comes in, I wanted to sell prints from the show and a book, so people can have them the day off. It gives me funds to make the work truly stunning an amazing.

It takes a shocking amount of money to make good art. There’s going to be a lot of attention to detail in the print making process and very little of the work will be made to be friendly on the web. I want people who purchase a print, to know that a lot of reprinting and getting it just right, went into the production. There needs to be more detail in the print, then in the online presence of the print.

Lastly all the work will be destroyed. All The work that doesn’t find a collector that is. Because we view content as something that’s evergreen, fine art is something that seems so constant, with so many shows and so much work out there. I wanted to create a fine moment of dramatic distraction.

See Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1336419097/alex-geanas-first-solo-show-intended-consequences

Alex Geana has covered over 500 fashion shows in his career with commercial clients that include Donna Karan, HBO and Cointreau. He has been published across the web and in print. His fine art work is in private collections and in two museums.

Alex’s photography has been published in the book Daphne Guinness by the Yale University Press, and exhibited by the Leslie Lohman Museum, The Museum at FIT, Chair and the Maiden Gallery, and the School of Visual Arts.

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Luxury, New York, POSHGLAM

Langham Place, Centrally Located Luxury with Plenty of Room

Langham Place Studio Place and Empire Studio Place with Nespresso 785x523 Langham Place, Centrally Located Luxury with Plenty of RoomNew York City post war is small scale living, hotels and apartments are usually tiny in caparison to other metropolises’. As a seasoned traveler to the Gotham City I’m accustomed to packing lightly for smaller spaces, think grandeur lobbies and quaint rooms. However on a recent jaunt at the Langham Place on 5th Avenue I was pleasantly surprised by the vastness that welcomed me. I stayed in one of the 214 guestrooms, my specific room; the Prime Place was 420 square feet. This was a hefty proportioned room with a generously large marble bathroom fitted with an immense garden-sized soaking tub and TV (which is conveniently situated within the mirror). Inside I was able to unpack and arrange my belongings sans the tight claustrophobic feeling some lodgings ration. Each room is enveloped in relaxing shades of beige and highlighted by Italian walnut and rosewood finishing’s. The beds are divine; the sleeping arrangements included well-appointed Pratesi linens. As for the in-room dining, I treated myself to dinner and breakfast; it was served in a timely fashion and absolutely delish on both occasions. Langham Place Spa 785x533 Langham Place, Centrally Located Luxury with Plenty of Room Langham Place caters to those that enjoy a one stop shop: spa (future home of Chuan Spa), Julien Farel Salon, gym, restaurant and lounge on site. The Measure Lounge entices visitors who desire small bites with an American / Brit twist, unique drinks and hosts live jazz nightly at 8 p.m. Then Ai Fiori, Alta Marea Group’s Michelin-starred space caters to those that desire a more formal foodie experience of French and Italian food. With room to stretch and a view to die for, I felt as if I were sitting on the lap of frills, the ultimate Manhattan treasure for travelers looking for space is the Langham Place on 5th; it tops my list of best five star hotels in New York City.

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Monday, September 8th, 2014

Luxury, New York, POSHGLAM

Dom Pérignon & Iris van Herpen Collaborate for NY Fashion Week

Jim ClerkinCarmelo AnthonyNicole RuvoandKamal Hotchandani 785x522 Dom Pérignon & Iris van Herpen Collaborate for NY Fashion Week New York City is for lovers of the senses and sometimes fashion week gets it just right, by combining all five effortlessly. Dom Pérignon’s collaboration with award-winning Dutch designer Iris van Herpen; celebrated a night of fashion, first looks, and if you were lucky, maybe a Bucks Fizz or two. The eclectic mix in attendance included; Kelly Rutherford, Carmelo Anthony, Joe and Nick Jonas, Bryan Greenberg, Brian Atwood, and Paz de la Huerta. With models Coco Rocha, Anja Rubik, and Hannelore Knutson hand to represent Fashion Week’s finest. As well as Liz Swig, Constantin Bjerke, Richard Pandiscio and Todd Eberle. Paz 420x632 Dom Pérignon & Iris van Herpen Collaborate for NY Fashion WeekOn Wednesday, September 3rd guests arrived by private boat from Manhattan to be immediately greeted with glasses of Dom Pérignon Vintage ‘04 to kick off the party. As Dustin Yellin’s Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation was transformed into a unique experiential journey, through a labyrinth of spaces. Brightly lit, vibrant installations lured the privileged few through the cornucopia of pleasures, where contortionist performed and revelers cavorted. All to get the first glimpse at the exclusive gift box and label created by van Herpen exclusively for Dom Pérignon’s Vintage 2004.

Iris van Herpen Anja Rubik Arnaud de Saignes 451x632 Dom Pérignon & Iris van Herpen Collaborate for NY Fashion Week Throughout its history, Dom Pérignon has been intricately linked to the concept of metamorphosis. With their collaboration inspired by exactly this: signifying the closure of one period and the birth of another, and a powerful symbol of evolution, transformation and renaissance. The big reveal of the evening being Cocoonase, a made-to-order piece of art created by Iris van Herpen and inspired by the importance of time and crafting with each exquisite vintage. Van Herpen is known for her futuristic, darkly fantastical aesthetic, as well as clothes that generate sound–to the touch. Dom Pérignon for playful expression and a taste for reinvention. Making them a perfectly complimentary pair. In the outdoor garden there was something for every palette explore, a specially created menu by Olivier Cheng Catering and Events, including floating trays of Caviar with Golden Beet, Yuzu Mascarpone Gelee on black toast, and Foie Gras Pistachio Truffle with Mostarda. The night culminated with dancing to Grammy-nominated (and ridiculously beautiful) MGMT frontman, Andrew VanWyngarden’s exclusive DJ set.

— Falene Nurse

Photo Credits: Billy Farrell/Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.com

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Fashion, New York, POSHGLAM

Daughters of Deola Sagoe, Give Birth to CLAN

Clan NY 6 785x521 Daughters of Deola Sagoe, Give Birth to CLAN Deola Sagoe, a true visionary stands out with her strong signature designs, elegance and attitude. Her designs provide a couture experience of east meets west. Drawing inspiration from traditional Nigerian fabrics and cuts and western aesthetics Deola Sagoe has created wearable works of art. Her most recent collection included pieces created with adire fabric which is hand dyed in Nigeria by the Yoruba women. Deola Sagoe’s notoriety, much like her aesthetic has gone beyond the African continent. Aside from featuring collections in New York and Cape Town Fashion Weeks, she was the recipient of the MNET/Anglo Gold African Desigs 2000 Award, in which she was nominated by Andre Leon Talley.

Clan NY 785x521 Daughters of Deola Sagoe, Give Birth to CLAN

CLAN is owned by sisters Teni, Tiwa, and Aba Sagoe the daughters of Nigerian fashion designer Deola Sagoe. The newest line was a collection of sexy high glamour silhouettes composed of peplum details, thigh high slits, and stream line pant suits. “CLAN Classics, exhibiting our timeless pieces. These pieces will be available all year round in chosen variations and upon personal requests.” – Teni Sagoe Both lines previewed will be exhibited at New York The collection which features thigh-high slits, peplums, pant suits, asymmetrical cuts and plunging necklines will “be available all year round in bespoke variations upon personal request.

Deola Sagoe and CLAN collections will both show on the runways of Spring/Summer NY Fashion Week in September 2014.
Clan NY 2 785x521 Daughters of Deola Sagoe, Give Birth to CLAN

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011


Get New York City Chic with Lafayette 148 New York’s Spring 2011 Collection

l148 Get New York City Chic with Lafayette 148 New Yorks Spring 2011 Collection

A woman can never go wrong when she chooses chic designs that are made fresh with a spin on classic silhouettes. Lafayette 148 New York’s pieces fit the bill and the Spring 2011 collection combines glam embellishments and sultry detailing for fashion that is feminine, functional and downright charming.

The company was founded in 1996 and takes its name from its Manhattan address. Strict attention to detail and expert craftmanship are seen in each design and each collection echoes the finesse and spirit that is inherent to New York City. Edward Wilkerson is the brand’s Design Director (which he has been for 13 years) and he pulls his inspiration from travel and the women he meets in his everyday life.He honed his skills with some of the top designers in the world including Calvin Klein and Donna Karan and their influence can still be seen in the sophisticated yet functional pieces he designs each season.

l1481 Get New York City Chic with Lafayette 148 New Yorks Spring 2011 Collectionl1483 Get New York City Chic with Lafayette 148 New Yorks Spring 2011 Collection

For Spring 2011, timeless styles like the trench, day dress and blazer are re-worked in cool fabrics and metallic colors for something that is fresh for the season ahead. A pair of high-waisted shorts are paired with a long jacket, a chunky statement necklace and strappy sandals with a sky-high heel for a look that blends retro and modern femme fatale seamlessly. A classic shirtdress in an olive green with rolled short sleeves is also a standout piece that is perfect for both days in the office or weekends spent jetsetting.

Visit www.lafayette148.com for more information.

l1484 Get New York City Chic with Lafayette 148 New Yorks Spring 2011 Collection

l14821 Get New York City Chic with Lafayette 148 New Yorks Spring 2011 Collection

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