New Years Fab Solutions 2013

New Years Fab Solutions 2013

New Year's Eve is days away and whether you plan on moving on from that lame-ex or losing weight, you're probably thinking about making some fun and adventurous serious changes. We'll all tweet about our resolutions, but let's be real: we'll forget about that promise within hours of waking up on New Year's Day. Focus instead on changing yourself at your core – and I don't just mean toning your abs. Now, repeat after me: 

In 2013, I resolve to… 

1. Lose the Lames: Drop dead weight, I'm not talking calories, Negativity Sucks! Whether your baggage rests in your lame ex, your overdramatic friend circle, or issues at work, it's time to shed all of that excess weight from your personal life. Enjoy who you are and embrace your destiny. 

You have control over what happens in your life, including who is in it, where you are, and what you're doing. Problems with money, family, location, or a bad partner are all walls that you mustn't build higher…knock them down. Baggage doesn't exist unless you allow it to take root. Don't be scared to drop it, Move On

2. Fall in Love…with more than just Yourself: Love others first: "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them." Luke 6:32

Filter out the haters, including you and embrace the love you have for everyone. If you have an significant other, love them more. If you don't, start spreading the love via dating within your realm. It's important to be the lover that you want in another. Whatever you want in a significant other, you must mirror it to the T for compatibility and synergy. Likes to Likes, Law of Attraction!  

3. Kick the Can't: There is no uglier word than can't. "You can do if you believe you can — The Mastermind" — Napoleon Hill

It's a forced red light on your mentality. You can't finish that paper? You can't start your dream boutique? You can't tell that special someone how you feel? Yes, you can. You just don't think you're capable or good enough to achieve these things. The only thing you can't do is sprout wings and fly. Cut the can't and realize how capable you are of achieving everything you want. No more excuses. 

Remember: you can't take big steps without first making sure that the ground is still beneath your feet. Raise your glass to you and have a fabulous 2013! 


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