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Monday, November 26th, 2012


Monika Chiang Gets Sexy Momma Kardash-Lo<3e

Monika Chiang Leather Moto Pant Kourtney Monika Chiang Gets Sexy Momma Kardash Lo<3e
Momma Kardash Jr., Kourtney has faved Monika Chiang‘s Leather Moto pants! The stylish reality-star sported the stems on numerous occasions this month in Florida, with the little ones in tow. She rocked the cropped, zippified embellished pants with a printed shirt and plain white t-shirt (YEP!) while running errands and also with a staple black button-down during a shopping trip. Kourt Dash proved both wearability of  these Monika Chiang tights and showed off their versatility while trekking in style.

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(Monika Chiang Gets Sexy Momma Kardash-Lo<3e) :