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MARNI & MARNI Edition Shanghai | Well, What Do You Expect?

MARNI & MARNI Edition recently opened proximately located contrasting boutiques in Shanghai. Marni pops-up the two stores which effortlessly embody their fun ideas of flexibility and modularity.

Marni Boutique. Reel Mall Shanghai

MARNI is configured as three tangential circles, defining different shopping zones and bringing together the retail experience. A stainless steel rail hugs the curved perimeter, setting the flow of navigation and drawing shoppers naturally through the Ready-To-Wear collection to the shoes and accessories.

Display boxes of backlit fibreglass, set into frit-patterned stainless steel walls, become a focal point, while circular fibreglass display tables sit atop insets of deeper hued carpeting, punctuating the zones and plush velvet benches create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Hanging mannequins appear to float in the simple facade, kept clear to allow clear views into the shop. A warm, earthy palette complements the latest Marni collections.

MARNI Edition provides a boundless versatility and unmatched atmosphere. Conceived as a significant backdrop for tremendous retail impact, the whole perimeter of the selling area is covered with back lit transparent alveolar panels with printed adhesive films in the three different patterns. Supported by steel tubular structures like a “metal forest” are Marni Edition distinctive elements, strong steel shelves grant an interchangeable display, both for ready to wear and for accessories.

Steel rails are connected with one another on top and bottom by stainless steel hinges allowing different set ups: curved and straight rails are connected together to create two long flexible “snakes”. 8 natural fiberglass mannequins busts float with a scenographic impact from the ceiling in perforated rough steel contrasting with the colorful flooring.

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