Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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Luxury Posh Glamping! Enjoy

luxury camping Luxury Posh Glamping! Enjoy

Luxury camping kits and glamping, are all the rage right now (especially for love birds). Hey if it was good enough for Matthew McConaughey’s wedding guests, it’s good enough for the rest of us! Long are the days when Keith Chegwin may have caught you on “Down Your Doorstep“, looking rough in your unmentionables at Glastonbury.

Some people (not us here at POSHGLAM) prefer to take a ‘back-to-basics’ approach when they glamp, which makes sense if you are hiking and traveling light (er not with my wardrobe!) However, if you do have a car  and prefer something a bit more up market, why shouldn’t you set up a veritable mini-hotel (or yurt) in the wild? Camping purists have complained that this somewhat misses the point of getting back to nature. To them I say, “well if Mother Nature really wanted us back, she would have given us fur, hooves, and a much stronger immune system, now wouldn’t she?” Instead, she developed grey matter which enables us to invent such fabulous outdoorsy things as portable generators, camping stoves, and king-size inflatable mattresses – in other words,  all the camping equipment you’ll ever need!

You could also argue, that sleeping on a hard surface is better for your back. So is good posture and exercise, but a nice soft place to land is a natural afrodisiac: I’m not ashamed to admit I WANT a nice, big, comfy bed, even in the great outdoors. So, if you fancy a change too, here’s where the inflatable mattresses come in. The best ones are self-inflating (so you don’t have to use your lungs), with a battery that eventually will need to be recharged. You can get cheaper ones that have external air pumps, but that wouldn’t be very romantic or cache now would it?  I personally like mine with a built-in electrical heater. Alternatively, you can get air beds that can be pumped manually by stamping on it repeatedly – a time and calorie-consuming exercise that should be avoided at most costs.

There’s also nothing less satisfying than waking up on a dewy morning and munching on a cereal bar. It’s this type of (so-called) meal that puts people off outdoor activities for life, but it’s actually possible to enjoy a hot, bang up British breakfast, without gathering firewood and rubbing sticks together. Just pack yourself a dual-burner gas stove, and you too could be enjoying a good old fashioned fry-up in no time.

Another particularly unappealing aspect of getting back to nature– especially for women – is popping to the loo. As ‘popping‘ implies that you have somewhere to ‘pop‘, other than behind a tree. However, help is at hand, in the form of collapsible ‘privacy shelters’. Which really makes the whole experience a lot more comfortable and a lot less embarrassing. These can also be fitted with shower attachments, so you can maintain some vestige of cleanliness on your trip.

Finally, what romantic holiday would be complete without our favourite consumer electronics, the laptop, stereo, a portable telly for the foot? Although these can be run on battery power, the batteries don’t tend to last very long, which is why you need a portable generator. Just put a little petrol into the tank, fire up the engine, plug in a four-way, and you’ll feel like you’re back in civilization in no time! Luxury Camping, done that…Now, on to something more insurmountable, check!

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

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Torregrossa 2014 Is Modern and Subdued

TORREGROSSA 2014  785x523 Torregrossa 2014 Is Modern and Subdued

We’ve always loved the Torregrossa girls, full of wonderful structural ideas for handbags that are both utilitarian and chic. Their modern twist on purpose leads us to the lap of attainable luxury and provides us with beautiful arm candy without breaking the bank. Their 2014 collection muted palate and subdued tones gives us a neutral option to pair with any of our favorite Summer sets. They serve as modest focal points for any ensemble saying less-is-much more and inhibited is class. Happy to say we’re in love, invitation in the mail. For bags, see website: Torregrossa Handbags

BROOKLYN AND BROOKLYN MINI 785x523 Torregrossa 2014 Is Modern and Subdued
MARLEY 785x523 Torregrossa 2014 Is Modern and Subdued

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014


Mara Hoffman Debuts Home Collection with Anthropologie

Feather Duvet4 Mara Hoffman Debuts Home Collection with Anthropologie
Womenswear designer, Mara Hoffman’s first home décor collection with Anthropologie is here for debut. The fun, exclusive capsule is an intricate journey through her archive, marrying vibrant colors and tailored prints from past seasons with products of all new form and function. The cozy line expands opportunities for customers to surround themselves with Hoffman’s unique aesthetic, which reflects her affinity for world travel, nature, mysticism and mythology.

“The collection is perfect for people that are inspired by color and print and want to incorporate them into their everyday lives in more ways than just wearing them,” says Hoffman.

Hoffman took on the challenge of creating home pieces with structured shape, scale and texture radically different from those she designs for her ready-to-wear and swimwear line. It was extremely important to her that the collection appealed to a broad range of tastes and worked in any environment.

According to Hoffman, “We usually do placement prints, so it was interesting to break things down on certain pieces for the home collection to make them really approachable. The pieces could be mixed into an already eclectic room or be the standouts in a cleaner, more neutral space.”

Available online and in select Anthropologie stores on June 2nd, the collection offers home accents like a pyramid shaped ceramic candle and throw pillows, as well as décor including rugs and furniture. Prices range from $12 – $1,998.

Feather Standard Sham2 Mara Hoffman Debuts Home Collection with Anthropologie
Shaggy Eye Rug Mara Hoffman Debuts Home Collection with Anthropologie

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


VIA | Bali Barret, Artistic Director Hermes

Bali Barret 785x523 VIA | Bali Barret, Artistic Director HermesAs difficult as it is to buy an authentic Birkin via the Internet, it is nearly as difficult to do a proper Google search on Bali Barret, the deputy artistic director for women’s at Hermès. Sure, there are a few headshots circulating, and the occasional mention in an unrevealing article. But to know her, you must meet her, which I did last Friday morning at a cafe in New York’s Financial District. Her look tells a wonderful story: She is tiny, but not dainty, wearing a denim utility jumpsuit accessorized with a thin brown-leather belt, chunky rings, and of course, an Hermès scarf, wrapped rather classically in circles around her neck. The assembly was perfect in that imperfect French way, but it also speaks to her understanding of the Hermès ethos: There is something magical about the brand and its wares, yes, but more than anything they are meant to be worn. Utilitarian luxury is not an oxymoron for the 177-year-old French institution. “What is Hermès and what is not Hermès is something I really can’t explain to you, but it’s intuitive and natural to me,” says Barret, sipping on an Americano.

Barret is in town to oversee May 20th’s All About Women event. It’s taking place at a venue on Wall Street, which explains why she has parked herself so far downtown. The party, which boasts a guest list 800-people deep, is a showcase for what Hermès likes to call the women’s “universe”, which includes everything from printed scarves to bracelet watches. The evening will consist of a runway show featuring ready-to-wear designer Christophe Lemaire’s fall 2014 collection, as well as stations showcasing the house’s métiers, or crafts. There will be an area dedicated to bags, another to enamel jewelry, another to silk, each with some sort of performance or display. There will dancers. Music by Parisian DJ Clara 3000. And even a fortune teller. A real carnival, but for luxury goods!

This is the third “All About Women” party Barret and the team at Hermès have thrown. (The first was in Shanghai in 2012, the second in Paris in 2013.) The idea is to target Hermès’s most robust, and loyal, markets: U.S. sales, for example, grew by double-digits last year. So far, the events have aided Barret in communicating her vision for the areas of the business she overseas. While not a blood relative, the faith Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermès’ artistic director, and his cousin, CEO Axel Dumas, have put in Barret’s work has proven that she is an integral part of the family.

Raised in Paris, Barret studied design and tailoring at Paris’ l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD). She worked as an assistant at several houses, spending time in New York, Italy, and Spain before launching her own Paris-based label in 1999. Hermès’ Pierre-Alexis Dumas was a longtime friend who would pop into her shop now and again with his wife, whom Barret has known since childhood.

Once, in the early aughts, the drive by included of a job offer. “He asked, ‘Would you love to work for Hermès?’ And I said, ‘Are you sure?’” explains Barret, with just the right amount of irreverent French humor needed for what was obviously a major moment in her career. “One of the great talents of Pierre-Alexis is that he can see what people are capable of doing. All the houses were coming to me and asking me to design the same things I was already designing for my own collection. I kept saying no. He was the only one that proposed something different.”

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


@VERSACE Poses New Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign

VERSACE FW14 WB01 785x523 @VERSACE Poses New Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign
VERSACE FW14 MF02 473x632 @VERSACE Poses New Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign
Versace debuts new autumn/winter 2014 campaign representing power, seduction, freedom and glamour that resonates at the heart of the brand. Campaign shot by Mert & Marcus, under the creative direction of Donatella Versace.

The women’s images are provocative and dramatic, presenting supermodels Anna Ewers and Stella Tennant in a world of femininity and strength.

Each represents the contrasting sides of a woman’s character, as seen in the collection itself: Anna stood behind glass, sensual in the fluidity of bias cut, while Stella is outside, proud in the control of military precision.

The men’s campaign is about the individuality and self-expression of the Versace man. The images are shot on an entirely plain set, as the Versace man needs nowhere to hide.

Models Filip Hrivnak and Daniel van der Deen wear pieces from the autumn/winter 2014 collection inspired by the biker and the Wild West. The result is a man who is defiant and proud to reveal his true character.

“In the new campaigns, I wanted to express the power and freedom of Versace today. The women’s images are about strength and sensuality, with women in total control. The men’s campaign stands for a man’s right to be whoever he wants to be.”

VERSACE FW14 WB03 473x632 @VERSACE Poses New Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign
VERSACE FW14 WF03 785x523 @VERSACE Poses New Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign
VERSACE FW14 MF05 473x632 @VERSACE Poses New Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign

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