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Saturday, March 28th, 2015

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Why Rihanna’s News Won’t Change How I Feel About Dior


By now you’ve heard Rihanna has been named the new face of Dior’s Secret Garden campaign. She’s the first black woman to ever be named a campaign star by Dior. The appointment, which was announced on March 13, has been lauded in the media as a progressive move on Dior’s part.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though. While Rihanna is a talented performer with an impeccable sense of fashion, who no doubt earned the position with a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the course of her career, Dior hasn’t worked nearly so hard on its own self-image.

As a company, Dior is entrenched in upper class white privilege and the fashion house has made little effort to effect social change, internally within its own institution, nor externally within broader society, across the span of its history. Yves Saint Laurent’s famous choice to employ teems of black models during the 1960s, following his departure from Dior, poses an interesting question; he’s even said to be the force behind the first black model appearing on a French Vogue cover. Why didn’t he use black models at Dior—was it because Dior, like most Haute Couture houses, holds a long-standing obsession with Euro-Centric ideals of beauty? More importantly, does Dior continue to espouse a concept of non-European beauty as inferior?

If you remember, it took current creative director Raf Simons seven collections before he cast a single black model, and then he only did so after coming under public fire from casting director James Scully. We can’t forget previous creative director John Galliano, who was long rumored to possess anti-Semitic leanings and was eventually fired after making publicly racist remarks in a video. And, what about the Shanghai Dreamers campaign?

In the case of Dior, Rihanna’s representation isn’t simply a black face on a white company, it’s a black mask disguising decades of white-washed history. Historically speaking, this is nothing new. In fact, a black mask placed on white privilege is a concept we’ve seen repeated in art, literature and culture over the past several centuries. Arguably, the first notable appearance of a black mask in cultural media dates to the royal court of Queen Anne in the 1600s , who planned and participated in court masques (an elaborate form of theatrical dance), which saw women twirl around in impressive fashions paired with black masks. Though there is a subversive undercurrent to Queen Anne’s famous masques, scholars agree the intent is quite plain: the celebration of patriarchal power, the perfection of European beauty and the superiority of the court.

If you’re not sure how this is relevant: the English court, like a high-fashion house such as Dior, is the epitome of white privilege. The choice to utilize a black face as a method of perpetuating a chosen ideology is the intent, both then and now. We have to remember Dior has immense socio-cultural power. Consider Rihanna’s statement to Vogue about what it felt like to be acknowledged as a person of great worth by such a company.

It’s about time Dior got with it, but Rihanna’s new position is no guarantee we will continue to see women of color take a prominent role within Dior. For a fashion house with such a prolific public platform, it’s unfathomable it took 70 years for one black woman to be appointment the face of Dior. Some might argue we can’t expect haute couture fashion to be socially conscious, but they would be ignoring fashion’s long history as platform for the exchange of transformative ideas.

Brand representation comes down to one goal: perpetuating an image company executives want the public to believe. It’s about swaying favor and garnering positive attention. If Dior made valuable contributions to improving socio-economic equalities, if the fashion house worked to break down barriers in fashion, if the company was seeking to reflect its internal values, then Rihanna’s appointment as the first black representative in Dior’s 70 year history would be a socially progressive move on Dior’s part. But Dior is none of these things—except 70 years old (well, not quite).

Dior1 Why Rihannas News Wont Change How I Feel About Dior

Image: Nick-K/Flickr

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Thursday, March 26th, 2015


Maria Sharapova and Haute Living Kick Off Miami Open in Style

Sharapova pose2 Maria Sharapova and Haute Living Kick Off Miami Open in Style

Maria Sharapova continues to stun us with her fashion ensembles; how this beautiful Russian athlete manages to hit the jackpot time and again with her on-point style, between dominating on the tennis court and repping for Porsche, we’ll never know. She was recently spotted in Miami sporting a pair of to-die-for yellow Louboutin pumps and a Dolce and Gabbana floral dress that just screams spring is here.

Sharapova is the first female brand ambassador Porsche has ever had the pleasure of working with and two years into her three-year contract there’s no doubt she’s doing a bang up job, both on the court and off. Hence the Miami party in her honor: a joint venture between Porsche and luxury magazine Haute Living celebrating her new cover story with Haute Living, her ambassadorial anniversary and kicking off the Miami Open tournament.

While the fashion guru can always be counted on to blind us with her style savvy, she’s been rocking something more than killer outfits over the past couple years; we’ve spotted her in some of Porsche’s hottest automobiles, including the manufacturer’s green supercar that hits speeds twice as fast as Sharapova’s famous 100mph serves and the white 911 Carrera S Cabriolet that is the running prize for winning the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart. This week’s party was no exception; she was snapped leaning up against the sleek electric blue 911 Targa that looks like sex on wheel—it paired just right with her bright yellow pumps by the way. What do they say? I can do anything faster than you. She certainly has speed on her side.

She’s been a shining star in the media for a number of years now and is definitively the highest paid female athlete in the world. Nicknamed the Golden Gal by Haute Living’s Hadley Henriette in a candid interview appearing in the recently released March issue, we’re not sure if that’s a reference to her gorgeous golden locks or the winning combination of her fashion, tennis and business know-how. It’s likely both.

Sharapova Haute living Cover Maria Sharapova and Haute Living Kick Off Miami Open in Style

Sharapova pose1 Maria Sharapova and Haute Living Kick Off Miami Open in Style

Images: Paul Zimmer; Haute Living

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

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Liam Fahy Love | “POSHGLAM” 25% Discount

Liam Fahy5 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount

A British accent isn’t the only thing irresistible about Liam Fahy—the man’s got at least three things going for him: he’s offering up a 25% off code for POSHGLAM readers, his shoes are to die for and, apparently, he understands women. It may not seem like much, but it adds up to a collection of smashing designs that we’re head over heels for. And, they’re handmade, in Venice, so that’s a plus.

His conceptual based designs have won him awards across the globe and his attention is always focused on producing the height of luxury in the women’s shoe market. With a disdain for mass production, imitation and corporations, he’s driven by a pure appreciation for design and that’s a rare quality.

For 25% off Liam Fahy designs head on over to their Eboutique and enter the promo code “POSHGLAM” at checkout. Heads up, there’s a sale going on right now too so some of his sweet kicks are about to become a pretty sweet deal.

Liam Fahy3 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount Liam Fahy4 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount Liam Fahy2 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount


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Monday, March 9th, 2015

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Style It Up: Timeless Adornments

DanielWellingtonWatch Style It Up: Timeless Adornments

Accessories can make or break a great outfit, so give yourself a little bling and let the accessories do all the talking. The right watch, shoe, bracelet, bag or scarf can take your outfit from blah to wow, while also setting you apart from the crowd if someone else happens to walk into the room wearing the same dress. Different accessories can also help you transition your clothing from casual to business, or professional to evening wear.


A watch is a completely functional statement piece that is a staple wardrobe item. Everyone needs a good watch, or six. Investing in a beautiful time piece is a decision that you will never regret, and your friends will be pleased you stop asking them for the time. Watch out for the current Daniel Wellington collection from Ticwatches, which is bang on trend with its clean lines, simple fabric bands, and large faces. It’s the type of watch that will style up a classic jeans and t-shirt, but also pair well with a simple black suit for the office. Or, how about a watch, which itself can be accessorized? OClock by Ticwatches are a collection of interchangeable bands and faces that click in and out, making them one of the most versatile products on the market.


Scarves have become one of the most popular accessories on the market, but often times they sit gathering dust in closets until they get sold at a garage sale. Learn how to tie a scarf properly and you’ll never leave one at home again. Remember: infinity scarves are among the simplest products on the market.


You can appreciate a good pair of heels without becoming a shoe addict. Select your shores carefully, picking a few simple pairs to match any outfit and throw in a couple bold and fun trendy pieces to coordinate with your more basic clothing. Check out some of the hottest new lines available online.


Everyone knows hats are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, but few people on the streets seem to be sporting new fashions atop their heads. Maybe it’s a matter of familiarity and comfort – we’re just unsure of how to wear hats and where they are appropriate. Don’t be shy; regardless of how you feel in it, a fashionable hat will turn envious heads your way everywhere you go.

Outfit1 Style It Up: Timeless Adornments

  WatchDress; Shoes

Outfit2 632x632 Style It Up: Timeless AdornmentsWatch; Dress; Scarf

Outfit3 Style It Up: Timeless Adornments

Watch, Dress, Sunglasses

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Thursday, March 5th, 2015

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Homebody Swag: Decorating Your Space with Style

LivingRoomInsp2 Homebody Swag: Decorating Your Space with StyleWhen it comes to decorating it’s so easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of décor items available. You can buy a million beautiful accents, but that doesn’t mean your home will look any more stylish – in fact it might just look cluttered and confused.

The key to decorating is to start with the most basic and dominant decorative element in the room: the furniture. Once you’ve established a style with your furniture you can keep that vibe flowing through the rest of your décor by purchasing accents that complement your furniture.

Shop around carefully and ensure you pick pieces that are true to your personal style; you don’t want to grow tired of your $3,000 sofa in three months. Even if you choose the most neutral and minimalist furniture, it will give you the base you require to begin building your home’s unique style.

1. The Bedroom

Bedrooms are among the easiest rooms in a home to decorate. Typically on the smaller side, there’s less space to fill and more room for personal flare. The bed, or rather the frame, is the focal point and by selecting a bold headboard or frame you can keep the remaining décor simple and low key.

Bedsos.co.uk has a huge selection of frames. Look for a fun fabric headboard or an antique style metal frame to give your bedroom personality. Let the bed’s style lead you in selecting linens and accents.

2. The Foyer

Even if your home doesn’t have a foyer you can create an organized and stylish entry that emanates a sense of welcome. All foyers need two pieces of furniture: a bench and a table. If your space is small select a bench that can be tucked away under the table. Benches with storage are a great option for hiding away the clutter of shoes. Based on the style of these items you’ll know what to pick for a rug and mirror.

3. The Living Room

Spacious, with many items of furniture and expanses of blank wall, the living room almost always provides a challenge. Begin with the sofas. Sofa.com is a good place to browse. Think carefully about which colors and styles you enjoy, and you will suddenly have an established palette. Mid-century, Swedish design and neutral greys are popular now.

4. The Patio

People often forget their outdoor space when they are decorating. During warmer seasons you and your guests will spend a lot of time in the garden so don’t make them sit on rusty vinyl lawn chairs.

Check out the articles and design tips for the garden space available at Homebase.co.uk to figure out what you want to do in your backyard.

Give your space a stellar and unique design by choosing a stylish barbecue (yes, there are stylish barbecues), an outdoor pool table, elegant lounging chairs, a fun bonfire pit or an outdoor TV.

5. The Kitchen

The kitchen is dominated by built-in centerpieces, such as the island and cabinetry so pick a dining table that speaks to the style and color of the cabinetry. For example, if you have a lot of natural wood or white you might want to think about a country theme and go with a rustic harvest table. Remember the golden rule: leave 36” around the table.

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