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Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

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Luxe Engagement Party Gifts


Nothing goes hand in hand more than weddings and tradition. However, staunch though the wedding industry is, it hasn’t escaped millennial cultural shifts unscathed. Everything from vows and dresses to etiquette has been undergoing a slow modernization and the engagement party is one example of long-standing formality that is barely hanging on by a thread.

Many couples are ditching the engagement party altogether, making it ultimately more confusing for guests on the rare change they do get invited to one. As engagement parties have become less common, the etiquette around them has become muddled: what’s an appropriate gift, is a gift appropriate at all and should I sip on my champagne or is this a buck wild-style party? Unfortunately, Emily Post will not be able to help you out with this one. That’s ok, POSHGLAM is here to clear up your gift-giving, party-going qualms.

Historically, engagement parties were an opportunity to formally announce a couple’s engagement and introduce wedding guests to each other — basically a couple’s personal debutant ball. The reality today is Facebook is now the go-to social announcement platform for every major life event and bridal showers, bachelor/ette parties and stag & does now offer up plenty of opportunities for pre-nuptial mingling. Unfortunately, your traditional engagement party kind of misses the point when your social circle is already buzzing about your special news.

Don’t fret if you get invited to an engagement party, we’ve got a gift-giving guide to ease your struggle so you can focus your energy on picking the perfect dress instead. If you get the chance to attend an engagement party, don’t let it pass you by; it’s an opportunity to step back in time into an era of bygone luxury and formality that has almost evaporated from mainstream life. Engagement parties are a peek into the long-gone world of the gentry: extravagant floral arrangements, classical music, stunning gowns, courtship and ornate glam — and it’s exotic and enticing to exist in such a world, if only for an evening.

Remember, an engagement party has never been formally decreed as a gift-giving affair, so don’t be surprised if your fellow guests show up without an engagement party gift in tow. For those who want to show express their joy with a gift, try to think luxe and sophisticated, but financially understated; your engagement gift shouldn’t outdo your wedding gift. By the way, if the couple is on the ball they might have already begun building up their registry in anticipation of their engagement party, so Snapchat the happy bride-to-be to find out where she’s registered.

Luxe & Sophisticated Gift Ideas

1. Puzzle Piece Keychain


Lovers click together like pieces of a puzzle, and this custom engraved Couple’s Keychain set is a sleek yet adorable gift for the two love birds in your life bent on matrimony. The set is hand stamped with the couples’ names and an infinity sign to symbolize everlasting love.

2. Cashmere Matching Monogrammed Robes


A set of luxurious and comfortable cashmere personalized his and hers bathrobes from Mark And Graham is the unparalleled ultimate in loungewear. Even subscribers to the capsule wardrobe ideology will tell you amazing lougewear is a must-have for the home and the more the better.

3. Elegant Wedding Cake Servers


Help the couple prep for the big day by gifting them an elegant personalized Fifth Avenue cake serving set , available at Things Remembered. Intricate scrollworking and breathtaking crystal accents on the handles accompany stainless steel blades.

4. Champagne Toasting Flutes


A must-have for the wedding ceremony are unique his and hers champagne flutes, and what could be a greater engagement gift than a stylishly modern and monogrammed stemless set from Nordstrom.

5. Wedding Cake Forks


These I Do, Me Too Forks from Etsy seller Milk and Honey Luxuries are a unique hand stamped gift the couple is unlikely to get from anyone else. Set yourself apart from the crowd with this simple gift.

6. Leather-bound Inspirational Book

Inspire the to-be-wed couple with romantic passages from this Leather “Love” Book by Mark and Graham. The collection of quotes, passages and phrases, edited by B.C. Aronson, will help even the most writer-blocked couple draft their own personal vows.

7. Ipod Tripod


Taking DSLR quality photos on the honeymoon has never been easier than with a compact Iphone Zoom Lens + Tripod and travel bag. Paired with a camera self timer app the happy couple will be selfie happy, without having to count on unsuspecting strangers to capture their honeymoon moments.

8. Arrow To The Heart Wine Bottle Stopper


Like an arrow to the heart, this ceramic bottle stopper hits the gift sweet spot from Wedding gurus BHLDN. What a great way to say you’ve been struck by Cupid to the newly engaged.

9. XOXO Brass Tic-Tac-Toe


From Jonathan Adler, this XOXO brass tic-tac-toe game set is a great addition to the new home the engaged couple will be creating. Bonus: it’s versatile as a functional two-person game and a décor centrepiece.

Image Credit: telachhe/Flickr

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Fashion, Luxury, POSHGLAM

Le Mystère And The Bra Fit Revolution


Online intimates boutique Le Mystère, most well-known for its handcrafted size-inclusive lingerie and as one of the driving forces behind the modern bra fit revolution, has three bras worth considering for your spring wardrobe.

They’ve done women right for the sensual spring season: providing a comfortably casual daywear option — Linguine Bra — for your lightweight and light-hearted pre-summer fashion ensembles, and two sexier varieties — Sensuelle Bustier and Lace Temptation — for dusting off the winter blahs and spicing up your wardrobe. The Linguine is a seamless and moulded solid color full coverage bra with fun double straps; the Sensuelle Bustier is a classic fit, satin and microfiber item with memory foam support; and Lace Temptation is a semi-rigid, underwire bra with petite scalloping edge lace.

The new bras might be fresh in terms of style, but they are still the same high-tech comfy products we’ve come to know from years of repeat appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Le Mystère’s pop culture prominence as the bra brand to beat is mostly thanks to Oprah’s loud spoken love for their Dream Tisha Bra, which she declared to be the best t-shirt bra of all time back in 2003 — we all know that Oprah’s word is as good as law.

Whether or not you subscribe to that “fact” doesn’t alter the game changing truth Oprah was busy preaching: our culture needed a bra intervention and Le Mystère was stepping up to the plate to bring it. The company’s 24-year influence on women’s intimates is undeniable; from the very beginning the  company has been striving to meld comfort and fashion. So, they mastered the art of design aesthetic — the crux where function and style meet — and then set out to storm the marching ranks of women in poor-fitting bras with their manifesto to transform women’s lives through négligée, Fit Revolution!

In all seriousness, bra fitting is very important for your mammaries, minor or major, so get it done before strapping on your next tit-sling.



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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

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Eco-Friendly Agriculture Meets Luxury At Truvée Wines

There’s a brand new pair of wines coming out of California’s Central Coast this season (isn’t there always), but there’s something special about the company producing the new lightly oaked Chardonnay and Grenache-based Red Bland. The McBride sisters are best known as the first African-American women to found a wine company, which started with their New Zealand Wines. They are a double whammy duo: two prominent agri-business women making headlines in the male-dominated wine industry, who are also strong promoters of sustainable agricultural practices. Their new line, called Truvée, brings the sisters back to their west coast American roots.

Micro-breweries are old news; everyone’s heard of and probably drank at least one beer from a microbrewery somewhere on the North American continent. So after all that live-eat-shop-local let’s-change-the-world hype, what could possibly be new in the world of alcohol that speaks to the evolving social importance placed on sustainable agricultural practices? Well, eco-friendly wines grown through sustainable viticulture, of course.

Every day we come face to face with our growing need to implement sustainable agricultural practices in the farming industry, if we are to continuing meeting the demands of our booming global population and protect (or reverse) our deteriorating natural environment. Every step towards social responsibility in agriculture and industry impacts everyone for the better, from the world’s hungriest impoverished communities to the wealthiest. Imagine a future when luxury and environmental consciousness do not have to be in conflict, where feeding the world and protecting the Earth do not have to be in conflict; it’s not as far away or as impossible as it may sound.

Sometimes it’s as simple as realizing that yellow jackets don’t have to be the terrible enemy backyard BBQers make them out to be. Sometimes it’s as simple as employing trained falcons to tackle pest problems instead of spraying vineyards with ecologically unfriendly chemicals. Years of experience in two widely varying geographic wine regions (Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand) has given the McBride sisters a lifetime of knowledge and experience in the wine industry to help them on their joint journey towards sustainability.

The Truvée wines are being marketed as affordable and accessible luxury for contemporary wine drinkers. The line is a true blend of old world and new world winemaking philosophies from the sisters’ disparate but similar upbringings in geographically distinct vineyards. Each grape was personally selected by the sisters, who are functioning as subsidiaries under Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines, from vineyards in San Benito, Monterey, Edna Valley and Paso Robles.

Robin and Andréa McBride aren’t operating under any delusions; they know their wines aren’t going to help feed the hungry or prevent deforestation, but their seemingly small, yet extremely important emphasis on eco-friendly farming efforts make a positive impact on their local environment. As women with an agricultural background they are bringing a refreshing outlook to the wine industry — breaking molds left and right. If all farmers strive to make a small positive impact on their land, that is many steps in the right direction.

Truvée is available across the country and if you are in New York you can find Truvée wines at The Brandy Library, Copacabana, Viva (Brooklyn), Sofrito, B-Hive Lounge (Brooklyn), Blend (Long Island City), Sao, Dream Downtown (Hotel), Moo Burger (Brooklyn), Percy’s Public House, The Griffin, GoldBar, Wine Gallery, Soho Wines and Sag Harbor Liquor.




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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Luxury, POSHGLAM, Travel

InterContinental Luxury Hotels

Intercontinental1Jet setters rejoice! Whether you are on the road (or in the air) for business or pleasure, wherever you look these days there is a luxury hotel awaiting you to rest your weary feet. The number of hotels offering top-of-the line accommodations is growing as fast as the millennial generation, which isn’t averse to pulling out the pocket book.

When we think of hotels and travelling abroad, we often look to the heyday of luxurious hotels, or rather Hollywood’s midcentury romanticized rendition of hotel life: a glamorous place with soaring ornate architecture where bellhops wear crisp uniforms and adorable hats, where the interior décor is as fresh as the food, where plush carpets cushion the feet, where marble sprawls as far as the eye can see, where champagne or fine scotch is always pouring, where business men gather and where a concert pianist’s notes are forever floating through the air. But as travel became more economical and common, the luxurious hotel was superseded by plentiful simple lodgings boasting fewer amenities and catering to tourists on a budget.

Just because cheap accommodations have become more common, it by no means proves the day of luxury is at an end. In fact, we might say the sun is only now rising on the day of luxury. There are more international luxury accommodations than ever before, offering the height of technology, comfort, shopping and style. When these hotels describe themselves as the crème de le crème of luxe they mean it; you will literally feel like you are in the comfort of your home — if your home has a butler — and then some.

If you are making a pit-stop in Tel Aviv, London or Paris during your globe trotting travels there are few places to stay as refined as the InterContinentals — in fact it’s worth a trip just for the chance to check them out in person. Each of the following hotels has teamed up with a star of its respective city to offer guests a very unique opportunity. Even Trip Advisor’s meticulous and picky reviewers (who used words like spectacular and excellence to describe their experiences) have given these three hotels the thumbs up on everything from sleeping quality to value, but what they were most pleased with: service.

Le Grand (Paris, France):

We bet you didn’t know that guests who stay in the Le Grand’s Royal Suite get a personal tour of iconic macaron maker Ladurée’s kitchen, a private baking session and a curated tasting with an expert pastry chef. If you’ve ever tried your hand at making your own macarons you know these delicate confections are certainly tricky to concoct.

The David (Tel Aviv, Israel):

Apparently InterContinental has an affinity for well prepared food, because the icing on the cake at The David is a culinary journey through the heart of Tel Aviv with Israel’s most renowned chef Yaron Kestenboum.

Park Lane (London, England):

London’s Park Lane is home to the Made in Mayfair Insider Experience, an exploration of British craftsmanship of custom and bespoke goodies, like customized fragrances and tailored clothing — the prefect destination for the well-travelled fashionista.

Red Doors HR.tif

Stariwell HR.tif-1

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Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Canada, Fun, Luxury, POSHGLAM

Je T’aime Paramour Lingerie + 20% OFF


Excuse my terrible translation; I was trying to be delightfully French. Paramour definitely lives up to its name (this one I got: an illicit lover). The lingerie company caters to women in the upper cup size spectrum (C cup through G) and specializes in full-busted fashions complete with embroideries, lace and sexy embellishments at a customer affordable price point—yep, what’s not to love?

With an emphasis on light-weight products that don’t overly conceal the breasts, the collections come in fun names like Sweet Revenge, Decadent, Amourette and Captivate as well as traditional female names, like Madison. What’s particularly wonderful about Paramour’s products is their lasting love affair with unlined bras. I’ve always had a penchant for the unlined bra, as there’s something modestly natural about the shape an unlined bra creates (some of their bras come with a padded option if you prefer that). Meanwhile, I’ve never been a fan of unnatural push-up bras that hoist the boobs sky high, so it’s refreshing to see a lingerie company completely eschew push-ups. And really, if you have a DD cup do you need to hoist your breasts up to your chin? No.

The newest products to be released are the Madison, an unlined bra with delicate lace details on the band, cups and straps, and Capitvate, which is clearly the company’s sexiest bra. Captivate is crafted with the traditional supportive 3-section cup and leotard back Paramour is known for, but is a lace extravaganza.

Paramour is offering our readers a special 20% off coupon for all Paramour products available at Use the promo code POSHGLAM to cash in on these savings. Coupon code expires May 30, 2015.

Larger bust sizes are typically an under-tapped demographic in the lingerie market, and complaints of how hard nice bras and undies are to come by aren’t uncommon. Paramour’s designs are ensuring there’s more than enough lace to go around; we all love us some lingerie, no matter our bust size.



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