Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

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Alexa Chung, Kick-Back Self-Styler AKA “IT”

Alexa Chung I spoke both with Alexa’s booker/agent and publicist before receiving a copy in the mail of her book “IT”. One mentioned that her on-air personality took her from everyday boring, to girl of the moment edge. The other persisted that she ‘style herself’. So, what exactly makes the posh fashion girl we love so much the brit we stick to most. From every turn to almost each page we notice this jane with a ounce of poise and a berkin of iconism that we just can’t live without. She staples on-trend looks with effortless style, and layers with a hint of individuality. The book is cool, not to say unprecedented, but from publicity to pop-culture, why do we like her so much?

Plainly present, and ever so nonchalant, almost ‘as if’ the queen passed her over as quintessentially quaint, dare I leave you clueless. However, that’s all the reason to love her even more. She’s not in your face perfect but eases right in with casually carefree, added to overtones of subdued, topped off as modern-day pleasant that eases the senses. Though we may never know what “IT” is, or what “IT” ain’t, that je ne sais qoi that Alexa Chung personifies seems to draw in the fashionable masses.

We’ll just have to conclude, for now…that the book “IT” synopsizes her aura as not only of yesterday, today and possibly tomorrow, but a beacon of hope for those that want to reasonate indefinitely. Here’s to girls who style themselves, for a mere moment in time, the devil may have really stopped wearing Prada.

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

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Liam Fahy Love | “POSHGLAM” 25% Discount

Liam Fahy Flats

A British accent isn’t the only thing irresistible about Liam Fahy—the man’s got at least three things going for him: he’s offering up a 25% off code for POSHGLAM readers, his shoes are to die for and, apparently, he understands women. It may not seem like much, but it adds up to a collection of smashing designs that we’re head over heels for. And, they’re handmade, in Venice, so that’s a plus.

His conceptual based designs have won him awards across the globe and his attention is always focused on producing the height of luxury in the women’s shoe market. With a disdain for mass production, imitation and corporations, he’s driven by a pure appreciation for design and that’s a rare quality.

For 25% off Liam Fahy designs head on over to their Eboutique and enter the promo code “POSHGLAM” at checkout. Heads up, there’s a sale going on right now too so some of his sweet kicks are about to become a pretty sweet deal.

Liam_Fahy3 Liam_Fahy4 Liam_Fahy2


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Monday, March 9th, 2015

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Style It Up: Timeless Adornments

Daniel Wellington - ticwatches.co.uk

Accessories can make or break a great outfit, so give yourself a little bling and let the accessories do all the talking. The right watch, shoe, bracelet, bag or scarf can take your outfit from blah to wow, while also setting you apart from the crowd if someone else happens to walk into the room wearing the same dress. Different accessories can also help you transition your clothing from casual to business, or professional to evening wear.


A watch is a completely functional statement piece that is a staple wardrobe item. Everyone needs a good watch, or six. Investing in a beautiful time piece is a decision that you will never regret, and your friends will be pleased you stop asking them for the time. Watch out for the current Daniel Wellington collection from Ticwatches, which is bang on trend with its clean lines, simple fabric bands, and large faces. It’s the type of watch that will style up a classic jeans and t-shirt, but also pair well with a simple black suit for the office. Or, how about a watch, which itself can be accessorized? OClock by Ticwatches are a collection of interchangeable bands and faces that click in and out, making them one of the most versatile products on the market.


Scarves have become one of the most popular accessories on the market, but often times they sit gathering dust in closets until they get sold at a garage sale. Learn how to tie a scarf properly and you’ll never leave one at home again. Remember: infinity scarves are among the simplest products on the market.


You can appreciate a good pair of heels without becoming a shoe addict. Select your shores carefully, picking a few simple pairs to match any outfit and throw in a couple bold and fun trendy pieces to coordinate with your more basic clothing. Check out some of the hottest new lines available online.


Everyone knows hats are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, but few people on the streets seem to be sporting new fashions atop their heads. Maybe it’s a matter of familiarity and comfort – we’re just unsure of how to wear hats and where they are appropriate. Don’t be shy; regardless of how you feel in it, a fashionable hat will turn envious heads your way everywhere you go.


  WatchDress; Shoes

Outfit2Watch; Dress; Scarf


Watch, Dress, Sunglasses

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Thursday, March 5th, 2015

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Homebody Swag: Decorating Your Space with Style

Homebase.co.uk When it comes to decorating it’s so easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of décor items available. You can buy a million beautiful accents, but that doesn’t mean your home will look any more stylish – in fact it might just look cluttered and confused.

The key to decorating is to start with the most basic and dominant decorative element in the room: the furniture. Once you’ve established a style with your furniture you can keep that vibe flowing through the rest of your décor by purchasing accents that complement your furniture.

Shop around carefully and ensure you pick pieces that are true to your personal style; you don’t want to grow tired of your $3,000 sofa in three months. Even if you choose the most neutral and minimalist furniture, it will give you the base you require to begin building your home’s unique style.

1. The Bedroom

Bedrooms are among the easiest rooms in a home to decorate. Typically on the smaller side, there’s less space to fill and more room for personal flare. The bed, or rather the frame, is the focal point and by selecting a bold headboard or frame you can keep the remaining décor simple and low key.

Bedsos.co.uk has a huge selection of frames. Look for a fun fabric headboard or an antique style metal frame to give your bedroom personality. Let the bed’s style lead you in selecting linens and accents.

2. The Foyer

Even if your home doesn’t have a foyer you can create an organized and stylish entry that emanates a sense of welcome. All foyers need two pieces of furniture: a bench and a table. If your space is small select a bench that can be tucked away under the table. Benches with storage are a great option for hiding away the clutter of shoes. Based on the style of these items you’ll know what to pick for a rug and mirror.

3. The Living Room

Spacious, with many items of furniture and expanses of blank wall, the living room almost always provides a challenge. Begin with the sofas. Sofa.com is a good place to browse. Think carefully about which colors and styles you enjoy, and you will suddenly have an established palette. Mid-century, Swedish design and neutral greys are popular now.

4. The Patio

People often forget their outdoor space when they are decorating. During warmer seasons you and your guests will spend a lot of time in the garden so don’t make them sit on rusty vinyl lawn chairs.

Check out the articles and design tips for the garden space available at Homebase.co.uk to figure out what you want to do in your backyard.

Give your space a stellar and unique design by choosing a stylish barbecue (yes, there are stylish barbecues), an outdoor pool table, elegant lounging chairs, a fun bonfire pit or an outdoor TV.

5. The Kitchen

The kitchen is dominated by built-in centerpieces, such as the island and cabinetry so pick a dining table that speaks to the style and color of the cabinetry. For example, if you have a lot of natural wood or white you might want to think about a country theme and go with a rustic harvest table. Remember the golden rule: leave 36” around the table.

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

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Luxury Bedrooms on a Budget

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.08.21 AM
Beautiful, luxury bedrooms may seem like a million miles away when your money situation isn’t at its best, but there are plenty of ways to achieve amazing, stylish décor on a budget. Here are 5 tips for turning your bedroom into a style haven.

1) DIY
Bringing out your own creativity can be a great way to decorate your bedroom. You don’t even have to be an artist! You can make your own masterpieces for free. Why not try collecting some shells the next time you’re by the sea? You can make a beautiful collage, especially if you’re going for a summer look in your bedroom. You can also use vegetable stamps to make art.

Beds look great when they’re covered in all sorts of blanket and cushions. Why not break out the needle and thread and make your own bed decorations? You can use old sheets and curtains for fabric, or you can visit charity shops and find some bargains.

2) Websites
There are some great websites for great quality bedroom essentials at reasonable prices. Bedstar offers a wide range of beds and accessories at prices that will definitely fit your budget. It’s also easier to find sales on the internet, so don’t be afraid to hunt around for some chic furniture to go with your bedroom’s new look.

3) Colours
Colours are exceptionally important when it comes to creating a certain atmosphere. Deep, warm colours like red and purple are great for bedrooms as they’re cosier. You don’t have to have a complex colour scheme. It’s easy to create a great looking room by combining any colour with neutral tones, such as black, white or browns. You can use Adobe Colour to make any colour scheme of your choice.

4) Storage
Instead of buying expensive wardrobes and dressers, there are much easier, cheaper ways to create storage space in your bedroom. Beds with drawers work great as they don’t take up any extra room. You can also turn old or cheap shelves and cabinets into stylish places to put your books and CDs with a bit of paint. Add pops of colour here and there to give some life to your bookshelves.

5) Lights
Like colours, lights also have an influence on the atmosphere of the room. Fairy lights are a great way of creating a cosy atmosphere, and cost a lot less on the electric too! They look especially pretty in the winter. Hang some on the wall, or wrap them around the bed frame.

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