Lingerie for Rectangle Shaped and Hourglass Shaped Women

Many women are often intimidated when viewing models in ads or magazine covers. Actually, all women can feel and look sexy; the key is focusing on their specific body type.

Determining one’s body type can help pinpoint what aspects of lingerie they should look for. The best way to do this is to stand in front of a full length mirror with as little clothing on as possible. Two body types women may identify themselves as having are rectangular or hourglass shapes.

Women possessing rectangular body shapes are pretty straight up and down from their shoulders to their hips. There are really no noticeable curves. However, it doesn’t mean that these women can’t look great in lingerie. It’s just a matter of knowing what styles work best for their body type. Rectangular shaped women look best with lingerie styles that can clinch their waists to create curves. At My Curves & Me you will find a load of great lingerie to accentuate your body type, from boned corsets, cheap basques to push up bras and waist clinchers. By creating more curves, it plays up busts and shoulders as well as legs. Wearing a corset can create lovely curves that make clothing look more flattering. Padded push up bras can also create curves along with body sculpting shapers.

The classic hourglass shape is the ideal body type, but unfortunately a small percentage of women have one. This body type is equally curvy on the top and the bottom with a narrow waist. Form fitting lingerie can be worn by hourglass shaped women. This would include items such as teddies and chemises. Corsets can accentuate curves even further which make the hourglass figure more noticeable. Most lingerie designs look good on women with hourglass figures. They can wear just about anything. My Curves and Me caters to women that are fuller in different areas of the body…for more on dressing for curves, check out: My Curves & Me


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