Label Love: Tracy Reese’s Website Gets A Colorful Face-Lift

Tracy Reese New Site

Ever wonder about the intimate and exclusive details of the fashion industry? Well, they can only be found in the mind of a successful fashion designer. Hence, Tracy Reese recently debuted her new website with design and focus on her new aesthetic., features her candid thoughts fashion and the world in general. Her work effectively prosed via cutely titled blog “Reese’s Pieces.” Reese’s Pieces is both transparent and fun, gregariously depicting her daily inspiration for tactile and stylish design. From the harsh fashion industry’s truths of cutting garments, slopping patterns and working–well into the night, segueing into the beauty of the finished product. The new site speaks volumes about Tracy: It is the epitome of her colorful take on fashion, and bright, fresh aesthetic.

Let’s just say it’s more reflective of Tracy’s personality than the prior webdesigns. It’s all encompassing look brings together her print styles and personal taste, that’s really fun and user friendly. One of our favorite perks is the ability to shop Tracy Reese’s signature line and her Plenty, separately. Cool right? You can also enlarge pictures and complete looks to see if they are right for your body type and compare the style you want, by juxtaposing the garments. One of the best elements of the new site is a subscription feature allowing for 10% off your first purchase. This definitely makes it worth the while to buy chic wardrobe staples for Spring.

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