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Kanye explodes on paparazzi and Kim is forced to pay for parking

Two of the most talked about pop-culture famers have consummated their way into parenthood, and why not? Kim and Kanye have experienced their fair share of hate, but have parlayed their magnetic talent into mega-brands for them both. Attention whoring has become a HUGE business and Kayne's talent matched with Kim Kardash's PR skills will grow this baby's fame to immeasurable exponents. It's important to understand that Kanye has loved Kim through a number of relationships as a friend, and will serve as a great support to her during this time…he's proven resilency, love and consistency.

She needs someone that understands her and sees her through the eyes of LOVE and adoration. My bet: This is going to be a great pregnancy for her, though talked about on an ongoing basis. I think Kim will make a great mother, and Kanye a great father. She's been searching for "true" love for so long, and certainly deserves this.

Very happy for her! And to all the haters, go hate on another bitch, like your mom!


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(#Kimye Here Comes the Bay-Bay | Fashionable & Popular) :