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Katy Perry in Christian Louboutin Panettone Bag

Kate Perry Christina Louboutin Handbag

When you’re constantly jet setting from city to city, attending presidential inaugurations one day and performing in a completely different continent the next, it’s easy to get swept up in the stress and forget you actually need to look good. Luckily for our eyes, Katy Perry doesn’t usually forget. The songstress, who we’re guessing was jetting home from a romantic and highly publicized weekend of canoodling with John Mayer in DC (and attending the Presidential Inauguration), arrived home in Los Angeles looking chic and put together. Ladies and gentlemen, when flying, the best way to insure you look good is head to toe black. Even though it might look a little somber, black is slimming so who cares. And Katy’s got that all black look down to a T. Black pants, black shirt, black coat, black boots, and gray hat. Yes, I said head to toe black but sometime a girl just needs a little gray.

But what really caught our eye wasn’t her funeral-ready but still chic outfit—it was her handbag. Christian Louboutin has been on point lately with his stylized and studded handbags, shoes, and accessories, so it’s no wonder that Katy was proudly carrying his Panettone handbag from the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Even though the description for this item says it’s a small black studded satchel bag, it most definitely is not. Large enough to fit all the essentials, from make-up to tablet (Louboutin clad as well, of course) to phone to wallet, this handbag is perfect not only for days spent on planes but also days spent frantically running around trying to get errands done. The spikes give it an 90s grunge-esque edge, making it the perfect way to either tone down an over the top outfit or add a little pizzazz to a plain old jeans and tee outfit.


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