Jennifer Lawrence in Louboutin & Burberry

Jennifer Lawrence Christian Louboutin BurberryJennifer Lawrence was spotted leaving the David Letterman Show on January 16th decked out in complete head to toe black. The Golden Globe winner for best actress in a motion picture comedy (who we chose for one of our best dressed, looked less like she was going to appear on a late night talk show and more like she was heading to a late night funeral. Her monotonous black on black on black outfit juxtaposed against a rainy New York City night had a very somber vibe. But when you’re wearing Burberry and Christian Louboutin, who really cares, right?

Lawrence has been on the up and up when it comes to clothing lately. And although this isn’t her best outfit, I wouldn’t necessarily deem it a low point, either. When designers are throwing clothes at you and begging for you to be seen wearing their designs, there’s really no low point in sight. The Christian Louboutin ‘Miss Zora’ leather ankle boots she was strutting around in looked fierce, and a Burberry trench is always a winner (especially when it’s made of shearling). We just wish she would have opted out of the black tights—we know it’s cold in NYC, but had she gone either bare legged or worn nude tights instead, the overall look would’ve been much better.

On The Letterman Show, Lawrence was defending her now infamous quote form her Golden Globes acceptance speech, where she said, “I beat Meryl!” She clarified what she meant during her interview on Letterman, telling him it is a quote from the 1996 film The First Wives Club. While we don’t doubt that’s true, we have one question—who cares? Just because Lindsay Lohan blew up the twittersphere saying that she shouldn’t compare herself to an icon like Meryl Streep doesn’t mean that Jen shouldn’t have said that. I know if I beat out the Meryl Streep for a best actress award (or even a best anything award), I would brag about it. And Jen wasn’t even bragging, she was just sayin’. I think if we’ve learned anything, it’s that Lindsay Lohan needs to shut up. And if you’re wearing black boots and a black trench, wear nude tights.


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