Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

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#HappyDating: 10 Reasons Not To Pursue a #Man

Woman Chasing Man #HappyDating: 10 Reasons Not To Pursue a #Man

  1. It’s not your job – When a man likes you, it’s obvious…his ____ gets hard
  2. It takes the FUN out of the GAME – Friends. Courtship. Dating…and so on and so forth. Know how to play. You can’t court him!
  3. It makes you look easy breezy – When dating, no one wants to be LOW HANGING FRUIT or DESPERATE
  4. I’m GOING to FUCK HER – Runs through his head…is that what you want? TO GET DISRESPECTED…
  5. Don’t Turn Into Halle Berry – David Justice (Love Note), Eric Benet (Backstage Stalking), Gabriel Aubry (Rascist Rundown)
  6. You’re too Good for that – Why would you have to pursue what’s falling at your feet and leaving a trail of tears…don’t settle for a man you have to Jock like Jay-Z
  7. Better things to do – Like getting courted by people that LOVE & Deserve you More
  8. Love don’t Hate – But don’t wait, if he’s not making moves…fill up your time with someone that is
  9. Divine Order – If he’s not asking you out…there is a REAL Reason: Gay, Taken, STD…Come on now!
  10. Finally: You Don’t Hit on Men, They hit on You – If a man likes you, loves you, and wants more of you…he will drink your bath water, move heaven and earth until angels sing…don’t hate the player hate the game
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Friday, November 1st, 2013

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Re-Invent Your Life! Palm Surgery on the Rise In Japan

palm surgery Re Invent Your Life! Palm Surgery on the Rise In Japan

Cosmetic surgery is growing more popular in Japan with an increasing demand for palm surgery. The people who want this procedure are doing so with the hopes that it will change their future in accordance with the ancient art of palmistry. Desperate women want to get married, and men are opting for longer financial lines, this is the perfect solution for the coke whore or pimp over 30.

What is Palm Surgery? explain that Palm surgery alters natural palm lines through cosmetic surgery and is performed with an electric scalpel that burns the skin. The procedure reportedly costs ¥ 100,000 (£700) and is growing popular in Japan at an increasing rate. Many Japanese people are strong believers of the ancient art of palmistry which is the reading of someone’s destiny based on the lines on the palm of their hands. Those who are unhappy with what their current palm lines can them opt for palm surgery in an attempt to alter their destinies.

Growing Popularity

Palmistry is hugely popular in Japanese culture and palm readers can charge well over £50 to their customers. The rise in palm surgery however indicates that people are standing up to their supposed destinies and are altering the lines of their palms with the hope that this will sway their future. MYA have released an article that thoroughly explains palm surgery further and explains why it has become so popular, particularly in Japan. The surgeon Dr Matsuoaka says that the surgeon doing the operation must “make a shaky incision on purpose, because palm lines are never completely straight” which proves just how serious surgeons are taking this new craze.

Can it Change your Destiny?

An interesting trend has sprung up regarding palm surgery with men and women both opting for longer lines but for very different reasons. Women tend to want their love or marriage line made longer whereas men wish to have their money and success line extended. Despite the different alterations their motive remains the same, to change their future, but does it work?

The effect of the procedure altering your fortunes, is of course uncertain but many people who have undergone the surgery claim that their luck has changed since their palm lines have been altered. It will be intriguing to see what 2014 has in store for the cosmetic surgery industry and whether or not these latest trends continue to spread worldwide.

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Saturday, October 5th, 2013

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Here’s To The Queens, The Sluts: The Ones You <3

coco chanel Heres To The Queens, The Sluts: The Ones You <3
Ah ha, that girl you can’t stop chatting about. That Queen, that slut, that one you love to love. It’s funny aye, you spend your time recording her every move, while she’s living it! How to get an edge? For an ounce of her allure, what would you do? You tried to sleep with her man, he lost his swag…it was handed over as a gift from her in the first place.

She dignified another, he fell to her beck and call. Why her? Why does everyone always like her? Why does everyone fall for her? Often times, the most esteemed are the ones who don’t have the time to keep tabs, so you do it instead. Check next to her name, she made her mark, now how are you going to make yours?

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” ― Coco Chanel

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

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First Bra to Detect Breast Cancer Out This Year

breast exam black woman 785x442 First Bra to Detect Breast Cancer Out This YearOctober is just around the corner and this means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month once again in Ireland and all over the world. Every year, there are about 48,000 new breast cancer cases and close to 1,000 deaths every month in the UK alone. Many women who get diagnosed find out about the disease only after doing a mammogram test or screening exam and it’s about time that there’s this new bra that aims to predict if a woman is at risk of breast cancer. The Breast Screening Tissue Bra created by First Warning Systems aims to detect any abnormal changes in your breast tissue even if they’re just minute formations. The company claims that it can detect early signs of breast cancer even before you perform a self test or make a doctor’s appointment for a mammogram. The company also claims that mammograms results are often inaccurate. For example, in about 48 million diagnoses, only one million result in biopsies thus rendering two thirds of all results negative for breast cancer. Although this bra is set to be released next year in the US, it’s already out in Ireland and Europe this year. Even more so, lingerie companies across the UK and Ireland especially mega-store Marks & Spencer are already heavily involved in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness via Breakthrough Breast Cancer not only during October but also during their Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign in April to May. Since 2001, Marks and Spencer have raised over 17 million that is pivotal for Breakthrough’s intensive research, tenacious campaigning and valuable education. There’s also a donation made to the charity for every post surgery bra that’s sold which is happening all year round in all branches. Another UK and Ireland based company called Censory Lingerie that sells plus size risqué lingerie also strongly supports the cause by offering a new line of sexy mastectomy bras and ultimately donating 10% of the profits for Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well.

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Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

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Moments Missoni | Chevron Blogging is the New Black

edict two Moments Missoni | Chevron Blogging is the New Black

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” – Harley Davidson

Living life on the wild-side, who can really keep track? Leaving the story telling to the haters is a great way to leave out juicy details and create angst among adoring fans. You know the drill, shut-up! Let me tell it. Branding is for stiffies and prose is for style but a real Momma Missoni blazes her own trail. Overly antiquated knock offs of the quintessential Italian Heritage staple could never compare to the effervescent utilitarianism of the classic chevron prints synonymous with M.
Moments Moments Missoni | Chevron Blogging is the New Black
All its forms and interpretations create Missoni Moments, debuting the carefree online diary as a window to the Missoni soul. Composed first of all of colour, secondly of words and images that become suggestions, stories, tales. Their history comprised into Missoni Moments a la mag published in collaboration with style bloggers, industry photographers, creative illustrators, ornate artists and vamp video makers. It’s about creativity, movement, originality and the spirit of the present, real time.

Five themed sections – Stories, Visions, Making Magic, Now On, The Place To Be – have names that recur as a leitmotif on the brand’s social channels (Instagram, Twitter), which will always be present on its pages. This is the leitmotif of an uninterrupted conversation with users that finds space within the site, as all contents will be open to comments, in a continuous dialogue that always sparks ideas and inspirations.

It talks about fashion, people, friends, art, creativity and lifestyles, and the contents will always be new and integrated with the online boutique. The graphics of the magazine, designed in collaboration with YOOX Group and with a “handmade” look, evoke the stylistic essence of the Brand. It is like opening a door and entering the world of Missoni, characterized by curiosity, warmth, art in all its forms, from the most conceptual to the practical side represented by craftsmanship. It is a world that finds beauty even in the smallest things, in the unexpected juxtaposition of colours, forms and thoughts, and in the natural elegance that comes from feeling at ease, without strained interpretations.

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