I go, I go (VoyVoy) | Surfer Boy Chic meets Prepster Sensibility

VoyVoy” is an expression used on the shores of Central and South America. It translates from Spanish as “I go, I go.” It is used to signal to others that one is riding a wave. Go explore, go create, go live.

Designer Nat Disston and his father have surfed their whole lives and spent it surfing in New York. Nat started his first business making unique surf boards, he and dad collaborated on the intricate designs – bright colors, patterns, and new materials were used for authenticity. Both posses a love for travel and exploration and celebrate their favorite past-times by the ocean.

Problematic enough, they never actually liked wearing clothes found in local surf or men’s shops. In a ‘eureka’ moment they embarked on the adventure of manufacturing clothing they both love to wear: to bed, beach or bar.

The first in a line of shirt productions made from 100% Peruvian cotton and detailed with hand selected fabrics. VoyVoy clothing logos a display of classic Mayan art depicting monkeys both deviant and divine creatures. The artistic play on the primates’ tricks and silliness provide a gregarious vibe to the crafty clothing and the fun it embodies. To the Mayans, the monkeys represent both seriousness and laughter in life. In contrast, the design duo are hard working and creative artists but are sure to enjoy their business and careful not to take themselves too seriously. VoyVoy effortlessly juxtaposes the two ideas in the clothing through art and utilitarian design to merge the concepts while encapsulating both worlds of work-play. For more check out the clothing and discover the stuffed pockets at: Voy-Voy.com


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(I go, I go (VoyVoy) | Surfer Boy Chic meets Prepster Sensibility) :