Hudson + Bleecker (@HudsonBleecker), An Intersection of Travel & Style

Yo, Hudson + Bleecker is holding it down for luxury travel + lifestyle accessories. It’s defined by chic, contemporary design + functional utility. If you are one for traveling and seeing the world in style, they have some pretti-nifty accessories to flaunt your class, not to mention stamp your passport! Signature products including shoe bags that conveniently fit into carry-on luggage, and an array of other accessories including cosmetic pouches, travel kits and totes, they’ve touched on travel booty better than any other design house we’ve seen. Their fun collections evoke sophistication and glamour while maintaining superior quality and creative sensibility. Their commitment to social responsibility, allows for a percentage of their profits go to local and national charities (hoorah for that). They also price range at an affordable recession-friendly point: $24-$40, Visit now, Travel Later:

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(Hudson + Bleecker (@HudsonBleecker), An Intersection of Travel & Style) :