How to deal with A Jealous Bitch

Mean Girls Christmas

Many of you: POSHGLAM Gals, being the Smart sophisticates you are, the Fashionable dressers and Glamorous beauty queens, have experienced at some point in time, A JEALOUS BITCH. Well, here’s a foolproof way to put her in her place:

Rid Yourself of All Malice — Don’t tell her anything, make sure she can’t get her hands on your business, or your man.

Put her in her place — Doll yourself up and wait for a snarky remark, then jokingly accuse her of being jealous.

Self Improve — The only cure for a jealous bitch is…more jealousy, maybe she’ll get fed up enough to crawl into a hole and die.

Pray for Vindication — Afterall envy is a sin that CAN’T be rewarded.

Get to Know Yourself — You’re not surprised, are you? You have a lot going on, take it as an ego boost.

Thank GOD — It’s better to be enviable than to ENVY.

Get Real — Maybe she’s not as jealous as you think & you have some personal development to do. Yeah Right?

Forget about her — She doesn’t exist…tell her!

Last but not least — Maybe her jealousy stems from admiration, love your enemy. Her catty publicity is making you famous!

Whatever you do, don’t let her see you sweat. You’re strong and don’t have time for little girl games. If you have it flaunt, those who don’t envy!


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