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Hit the Slopes In Ski Bunny Style

With cold weather upon us and snow in the forecast, it’s high time for people to start flocking to mountain resorts. And when the temperature drops below freezing, it’s hard to look good given the layers upon layers of clothing you pile on so you don’t catch pneumonia. It comes as no surprise, then, that the ski bunny look is gaining popularity. It’s a cute yet still chic way to stay warm and not give up your sense of style in the process. And the best part is you don’t have to participate in any kind of winter sport (thank goodness) to dress the part.

Snow Bunny northfaceKnitwear is always a cute choice, but when it’s exceptionally cold outside, you’ll want a thermal base layer to keep you warm. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or enjoying some spiked cider in the lodge, this Smartwool Light Weight Crew Base Layer (£60) is fast drying and wicks sweat away from your body quickly, keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Pair it with Peter Storm’s Water Repellant Walking Leggings (£30). When you’re wearing multiple layers, bulky boots, plus a puffy jacket, you don’t want to be wearing loose fitting pants, which can make you look bigger than you are. Slim leggings are the best bet to ensure you look good and are comfortable. Top this look off with Bergmans of Norway’s Myking Down Lady Coat (£290), which features a belt to cinch your waist, and The North Face’s Rigby Pom Pom Hat (£15). Lastly, The North Face’s Cable Fish Scarf (£28) around your neck will ensure you don’t freeze and Alpine’s Women’s Bundall Snow Boots (£30) will keep your feet warm (as you watch your boyfriend ski skillfully down the mountain from the comfort of the chalet, of course). The final look is chic, neutral, and exceptionally warm.

Snow bunny look 1When it’s a bit warmer out, you’ll be glad you packed The North Face’s Nuptse 2 Vest (£100). The indigo color will look stunning against the pure white of the snow, and the fact that it’s a vest will allow you to move more freely on the slopes. Wear The North Face’s 100 Glacier ¼ Zip Fleece (£40) under the vest to ensure warmth. We think pairing the indigo vest with the plum colored fleece creates a great, colorful contrast, but the fleece comes in a variety of colors, both neutral and bright, in case the day-glow ski bunny look isn’t your thing. Pair it with Peter Storm’s Water Repellant Walking Leggings (£30) to keep your legs looking slim and top it off with Roxy’s Pollywog Beanie (£15). For the final touch, slip on Kodiak’s Women’s Alta Snow Boots (£70). Cute and colorful, what’s wrong with that?

Snow Bunny Peter Storm

If you want a more laid back mountain resort look, then The North Face’s Women’s Winter Solstice Jacket (£180) in olive is for you. The olive green makes it very reminiscent of the in-style cargo jacket, but it’s insulated and weatherproof to ensure you stay warm while looking good. Wear it over the Smartwool Light Weight Crew Base Layer (£60) and Peter Storm’s Water Repellant Walking Leggings (£30). Pair it with an oversized beanie like Haglof’s Checked Beanie (£30), and a pair of sunglasses like Black’s Women’s Graduated Sunglasses (£12.50) for a I’m not even trying to look this good but I totally still do kind of look. And Hi-Tec Women’s Sierra Pamir Boots (£150) are the perfect finish to this laid-back, après ski look. Now that you have a little inspiration for how to Ski Bunny Style it Up, head over to Blacks, and select your own assortment.


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