10 Reasons Not To Pursue a Man

Woman Chasing Man

  1. It’s not your job — When a man likes you, it’s obvious…his ____ gets hard
  2. It takes the FUN out of the GAME — Friends. Courtship. Dating…and so on and so forth. Know how to play. You can’t court him!
  3. It makes you look easy breezy — When dating, no one wants to be LOW HANGING FRUIT or DESPERATE
  4. I’m GOING to FUCK HER — Runs through his head…is that what you want? TO GET DISRESPECTED…
  5. Don’t Turn Into Halle Berry — David Justice (Love Note), Eric Benet (Backstage Stalking), Gabriel Aubry (Rascist Rundown)
  6. You’re too Good for that — Why would you have to pursue what’s falling at your feet and leaving a trail of tears…don’t settle for a man you have to Jock like Jay-Z
  7. Better things to do — Like getting courted by people that LOVE & Deserve you More
  8. Love don’t Hate — But don’t wait, if he’s not making moves…fill up your time with someone that is
  9. Divine Order — If he’s not asking you out…there is a REAL Reason: Gay, Taken, STD…Come on now!
  10. Finally: You Don’t Hit on Men, They hit on You — If a man likes you, loves you, and wants more of you…he will drink your bath water, move heaven and earth until angels sing…don’t hate the player hate the game


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