#BlackPower, Iman’s Boycott | Anti-Fascism: Press On!

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Iman calls a boycott, Jone’s Mag hosts a second annual fashion week party. After almost 9 years of blogging, what do I have to say? #BlackPower! Not only a trailblazer in the blogosphere, but one who lent her super-modeling years to emergent designers and a few jump-off athletes that thought they were cute! Might I add, a ’bout it bitch when it comes to paying homage and knowing when to stand up in her sky-high stilettos.

Furthermore, I’m insulted that Iman even had to say the word “Boycott” after all of the years she’s worked to pave the way??? Know your value, know your worth! Do I feel guilty about hashtagging #BlackPower? Absolutely not!

What message is the fascist Euro-centric fashion industry sending by not hiring an adequate amount of African American models?

It’s more than a slap in the face to all of the greats! Here’s to those who have paved the way for my voice and all of the others. Out of disgust and perturbation, I’ve decided to devote my prose & pink logo on a black background along with my fist in the air, to once again say #BlackPower.

Afterall, the designers are inadvertently slapping every negro fashion girl — including myself, large or small, in the face with their “white power” fists. It’s even more sad to shame all of those that have come before with the begging and pleading for them to hire ‘us‘. The sacrifice has already been made. For everyone who has already paid my dues, their dues, dare I say: our dues —  Let’s not beg, FUCK! Why even plead? I’ll just put my black fashion fist back in the air and hashtag #BlackPower, Press On 😉.

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(#BlackPower, Iman’s Boycott | Anti-Fascism: Press On!) :