What kind of car do you want?

15-01-2022 02:27 PM POSHGLAM

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I like the Mercerdes trucks, not sure which one I like the best. I see them on the road. 

Patricia Seignon 17-06-2022 02:42 PM

I want a Mazzerati, with pink chrome and big wheels spinning with lots of money in it. I am billionaire minded and want to be a millionaire. Will not go for broke. That kind of life is not for me, and that is why I have a business working from home and in Manhattan. People be sitting there relying on the goverment to help them, you got to help yourself. The money is not going to make itself.

Patricia Seignon 17-06-2022 02:46 PM

That way I can buy all the Birkin bags I want like they are on sale at Hermes.