#Giveaway | Pretty Polly Secret Socks :: Gifting 2 Pair ::

Ok, So forget tugging & pulling your thick socks over pantyhose or tights to put on boots. Pretty Polly has ingeniously innovated a combo that solves both problems adequately. Where as, in colder climates we typically need both to avoid that not-so sexy, slimmy feeling in the soles; Pretty Polly gives us that nice touch of texture inside of the shoe while avoiding the annoying need to layer socks over stocks.

They are nice enough to gift 2 winners a pair. Enter to win by tweeting or pinning the picture above (your choice) and emailing: Kimberly@POSHGLAM.com with “Pretty Polly” in the subject. For more on the company and their fun “Secret Socks” check out: PrettyPolly.co.uk



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(#Giveaway | Pretty Polly Secret Socks :: Gifting 2 Pair ::) :