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Ashley Benson for Faviana

For proms, balls, galas, and just about anything else that requires an evening gown, it’s hard to find the perfect dress. We all want to look like a celebrity, but sadly we don’t all have a red carpet sized budget. For those of us who can’t just step into any store on Madison Avenue and throw down a few thousand dollars (or more) on a ready to wear creation, there’s another option: Faviana. Faviana is the go-to brand for women on a budget who want to dress like a celeb. On January 7, the eveningwear designer announced it’s new spokesperson: Ashley Benson. The Pretty Little Liars star and fashionista said, “I’m so excited to be the new face of Faviana. I had a great time shooting the different looks and I felt amazing in every dress I put on.”

For high school aged girls across the country, Faviana has been a longtime staple when it comes to finding the perfect prom dress. Whether you want to look like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, or Angelina Jolie, this evening wear designer has established itself as the go-to brand for celebrity-inspired looks. Want a replica of some of the stars amazing gowns from the Golden Globes last Sunday? Chances are they’ll be on Faviana fairly soon.

Benson, 23, is even guest blogging for the designer. In a post on January 15, she commented that Faviana has something for everyone: “Long gowns, short dresses, sexy, playful, cute…whatever your preference, they’ve got you covered.” Benson looks gorgeous on Faviana’s website. She’s pictured wearing multiple gowns, including a stunning sequined blue strapless gown complete with a high slit. But when you have an amazing body, brilliant blond hair, and natural beauty, it’s kind of hard to look bad in anything, right?

Watch a behind the scenes video of Ashley’s shoot here.


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