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Saturday, May 16th, 2015

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Editorial Prose in Lieu of Style Blogging | Or Maybe: Kimberly E. Stone, A Fashion Powerhouse

Kimberly E. StoneAnother person asked me: “Why don’t you Style Blog?”, Answer: Isn’t that fake modeling? I love emerging designers, happen to prefer them over most name brands. When I started POSHGLAM, I never considered “Fake Modeling”. Though I’ve been a signed model throughout the 10 years I’ve run the site, it just dawned on me: I don’t use my image much. There are tons of pretty girls, with NYC being the US Fashion capital and the Beauty Capital I never really considered toting a tripod and a photographer beau. Newsflash: I’m considering attending more red carpet events, debuting my likeness as more of a fashion icon. Until then, it’s me, behind the lens acting as a POWERHOUSE CEO.

Photo Credit: Seth Sabal
Kimberly E. Stone Kimberly E. Stone

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

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Le Mystère And The Bra Fit Revolution


Online intimates boutique Le Mystère, most well-known for its handcrafted size-inclusive lingerie and as one of the driving forces behind the modern bra fit revolution, has three bras worth considering for your spring wardrobe.

They’ve done women right for the sensual spring season: providing a comfortably casual daywear option — Linguine Bra — for your lightweight and light-hearted pre-summer fashion ensembles, and two sexier varieties — Sensuelle Bustier and Lace Temptation — for dusting off the winter blahs and spicing up your wardrobe. The Linguine is a seamless and moulded solid color full coverage bra with fun double straps; the Sensuelle Bustier is a classic fit, satin and microfiber item with memory foam support; and Lace Temptation is a semi-rigid, underwire bra with petite scalloping edge lace.

The new bras might be fresh in terms of style, but they are still the same high-tech comfy products we’ve come to know from years of repeat appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Le Mystère’s pop culture prominence as the bra brand to beat is mostly thanks to Oprah’s loud spoken love for their Dream Tisha Bra, which she declared to be the best t-shirt bra of all time back in 2003 — we all know that Oprah’s word is as good as law.

Whether or not you subscribe to that “fact” doesn’t alter the game changing truth Oprah was busy preaching: our culture needed a bra intervention and Le Mystère was stepping up to the plate to bring it. The company’s 24-year influence on women’s intimates is undeniable; from the very beginning the  company has been striving to meld comfort and fashion. So, they mastered the art of design aesthetic — the crux where function and style meet — and then set out to storm the marching ranks of women in poor-fitting bras with their manifesto to transform women’s lives through négligée, Fit Revolution!

In all seriousness, bra fitting is very important for your mammaries, minor or major, so get it done before strapping on your next tit-sling.



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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015


Designer Fashion Jewelry @ZeeBerry

ZeeBerry5There’s nothing run of the mill about jewelry destination, where jewelry fanatics can find designer baubles in the latest and hautest styles. The company recently upped its game with a site redesign, giving the e-store a classic and elegant feel — something that’s made shopping life more interesting for its rapidly growing fanbase, and a little more functional.

ZeeBerry, with a small team, but fresh out of the gates style has already filled 300k plus orders. Which isn’t surprising once you have a look through their fashion-forward collections. Prices range from $20 to $400, and there’s something in-store for every price point and taste; just another example of the expanding “affordale luxury” market sweeping the globe.

Current CEO, Justin Boggs, recently took the reins and ZeeBerry has become remarkably more popular. Growing its online presence as a top designer fashion jewelry retailer and brand destination for 20-somethings and style savvy 30-somethings.

From classic Audrey Hepburn meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s flare, to looks that are more modern than contemporary, it’s no wonder ZeeBerry is fulfilling our fashion-crazed generation’s love for quality statement pieces and arm-candy style. The company also carries lines from notable designers including: Alex and Ani, Dogeared, Gorjana, Chan Luu, Kendra Scott and Satya.

For ZeeBerry shoppers the sky is their limit and changing each day-to-day look is as easy as picking from the wide assortment of jewelry available. For more info visit:






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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

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Celebrities For Charity | Gotta Love #DVF


Put your ebay skills to good use and bid on some celebrities instead of stuff for a change; a real chance at social change that is, because the money (80 percent) is going to non-profit organizations. BidKind is offering up a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and dine with actress, model and director Elisa Sednaoui (you might know her from the runways of Chanel, Armani and Roberto Cavalli and the film Eastern Drift) and fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg (former German princess and fashion designer).

The lucky winner will be treated to lunch in the Big Apple, along with a tour of Elisa and Diane’s favourite places to visit in NYC, plus a private visit to the DFV studio. Worth about $10,000, the experience will support the ongoing efforts of the Elisa Sednaoui Foundation to promote creative learning and develop after school initiatives for children. The Sednaoui Foundation is all about giving children the opportunity to explore and learn through music and the arts, to help foster personal development and a brighter future. The foundation is currently developing programming focused on foreign language and literacy in Luxor, Egypt and hopes to help approximately 150 children develop specialized training to empower them in their communities.

“Elisa and Diane didn’t want to just ask for donations,” explains BidKind CEO Herve Larren

And that’s what BidKind is all about, showing appreciation to a non-profit’s supporters in a personal one-on-one way; it’s the reason every celebrity who works with BidKind chooses to sign up.

Sednaoui and Furstenberg aren’t the first celebs to jump on board with BidKind, which was just officially launched this spring. Already BidKind has connected auction winners with the likes of Paris Hilton, Fleetwood Mac, Linkin Park, Ricki Lake, Hugh Jackman and Carrie Underwood. On the auction block right now, alongside the fashion duo, are No Doubt (anyone feeling some nostalgia?), Michelle Rodriguez (right in time for Furious 7), James Franco (uhm, yes please!), Maryna Linchuk and Olivia Palermo (another double whammy) and Nacho Figueras. And what do you win? Well everything from private yoga and polo lessons with your respective star, to private dinner parties and exotic car racing.

At first it sounds a little strange to think about winning a day with a celebrity. What would you do? What would you talk about? But really, it’s not that weird at all, the what you’ll do part is already taken care of.

“The experience is a philanthropic endeavor, where you are donating proceeds to a specific charity and gaining the opportunity to pick someone’s brain who usually isn’t accessible,” Larren explains. The charity connects donors with people who they would not normally get a chance to engage with: celebrities and influencers. “It’s a highly curated and relevant platform for millennials and baby boomers alike,” he adds.

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

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America’s Dreamer Michelle Obama Stars in New Biography


The first deeply detailed account of Michelle Obama’s life has been written, and as Elle Magazine reports, the “American Dreamer” text by political journalist and Northwestern University Professor Peter Slevin called Michelle Obama: A Life, is an engaging and authoritative window into life beyond the role of First Lady.

The text grounds itself in Michelle Obama’s Chicago roots, examining her life’s achievements and ascent to the White House through the lens of her working-class upbringing in Chicago’s segregated South Side. Slevin’s rich reporting winds a narrative across the span of decades, intertwining all the important elements of her life. Slevin shows a strong interest in her attendance at Ivy League universities during the racially charged 80s, her experience navigating through worlds separated by class and race, her first meeting with young Hawaiian law student Barack Obama and her community involvement work in Chicago’s South Side, to demonstrate how her history sets her up to take on the role of first black First Lady and then seeks to illuminate the true Michelle.

The book explores a world submerged in every-day human trials; faults, failures and successes in the scope of our broader cultural flaws and human perseverance. While recognizing her position as First Lady, Slevin constructs a relatable narrative. Most notably touched on are her choice to leave prestigious law firm Sidley Austin, her effort to stand as a pillar for her family during the long years of endless campaigning and her struggle to strike a balance in her life. Slevin looks pries at her marriage, remarks on her childhood, delves into her community engagement and casts aspirations on the legacy she’ll leave behind when the Obama term ends.

The literary biography has already garnered positive accolades from a swath of critics, and Elle Magazine is equally impressed with Slevin’s reporting. “Just as she’s [Michelle] consistently reiterated Barack’s humanness over the years, Slevin treats her and her accomplishments with the detail and nuance they deserve,” writes Elle.

Michelle Obama: A Life is the first chance readers will have to catch a glimpse into the inner world of Michelle Obama and possibly the closest they’ll ever get to really knowing her.

Happy Easter from these two!

A photo posted by First Lady Michelle Obama (@michelleobama) on

Image Credit: BarakObamaDotCom/Flickr; MichelleObama/Instagram

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