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Saturday, March 21st, 2015


Elie Saab’s Resort is the Essence of Escapism

ElieSaab Elie Saabs Resort is the Essence of Escapism

Scent is a powerful memory trigger, literally transporting you to another time and place, or so hopes Lebanese couturier Elie Saab, whose Spring/Summer 2015 Resort Collection is all about escaping—to anywhere else.

Designer resort collections are luxury in a shopping bag for those who jet set to luxurious locations. This newest perfume from Elie Saab goes a little further than most fragrances and fashions popping up in this year’s selections; let’s call it vacation in a bottle.

“In waves, [or] like a warm gentle breeze caressing the face… it is a fleeting but intense moment filled with nothing by harmony,” says lead perfumer Francis Kurkdjian about his latest fragrance.

Le Parfum Resort evokes remembrances of a summer’s evening on a yacht or carefree days lived on the southern Italian coast. The fragrance is infused with Mandarin essential oil and hints of fig, jasmine, orange blossom, Frangipani flower, cedar and luminous amber. Though some of the fragrance’s notes don’t immediately strike us as complementary, it’s precisely tropical without plagiarizing a coconut rum cocktail.

The combination of top and base notes set up the iconic orange blossom to take the stage, like in so many of Elie Saab’s fragrances.  What sets this one apart is the introduction of Frangipani flower, which gives the perfume it’s much needed hint of the exotic.

“Francis Kurkdjian has modeled the composition of the new fragrance on the sea’s golden reflections and beaches bathed in sunshine,” says Beaute Prestige International of its famed French-Armenian perfumer. “His new olfactory creation is bursting with sensuality and indulgence.”

It really does call up images of serene azure oceans. Tropical, coastal, sensual and built to last—12 hours on average—we’re pretty certain Resort is going to be difficult to keep on the shelves this season.

Jenn Schleich is a writer who enjoys writing things people like to read and reading great stories other people have written. Visit her at www.pennedbyjenn.com or chat with her on Twitter (@jennschleich).

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Friday, March 20th, 2015


A Day In The LIfe of DJ C. Devone

DJ C. DeVone Lifestyle 4 632x632 A Day In The LIfe of DJ C. Devone

DJ C. Devone is a rare find on the club scene—a woman disc jockey in the midst of a male dominated world. Already set apart from the crowd by her gender, her natural talent and pure love of music is shining a bright spotlight on the burgeoning DJ subculture.

“I did one gig spinning an open mic night on the Lower East Side of NYC and I never looked back,” says DJ C. Devone about her first forays into the world of DJing. “I get to be part of events and I make people dance. My best friend told me I should try it, so I gave it a shot.”

She gave it a shot, now look where she is. That fearless attitude has carried her to the forefront of her genre and there’s no wonder she’s turning heads; the chic artist is always rocking a little punk flare, making her unmistakable in a crowd.

DJ C. Devone opened up to POSHGLAM in a candid interview to share a slice of her everyday life with fans. From her favorite coffee shop to her penchant for champagne, she revealed plenty about her personal influences and interests. But for DJ C. Devone it all comes back to one thing: the music.

“I have to listen to music to start my day and end my day,” she explains. “I love all types of music, so I would say I am a ‘music head’.”

The South Bronx native will always have soft spot in her heart for old school hip-hop, but if you stepped foot into her Brooklyn home today you’d be more likely to hear electronic, trap or indie music blasting from the speakers. The only music rule in DJ C. Devone’s life is to keep an open mind to everything.

Her young career has been prolific; she’s spun at high-profile gigs across the country, including Essence Festival in New Orleans and has opened for top names such as Funkmaster Flex, Clinton Sparks, SWV and Janelle Monae. From the Caribbean to Washington, LA and Paris, DJ C. Devone has been caught up in a globe trotting whirlwind by her success.

“Any time I’m on an island spinning I am happy,” she confesses—and who wouldn’t be? “But, I would say I enjoy Paris most and want to spin and work there.” She also hinted at seeing Honk Kong and Spain in her future.

She’s not just a DJ. She’s a long-time dancer (ballet, modern, hip-hop and African dance styles) and singer. In fact, 2015 is going to be all about the vocals for DJ C. Devone.

“Look out for me,” she says with excitement. “The goal this year is to produce music and get back to singing.”

She looks up to artists like Calvin Harris, Nervo, Diplo and David Guetta, who in her words, “produce super tracks,” and takes inspiration from her favourite musicians, which are as genre diverse as her own music. Artists from Teena Marie to Linkin Park, Disclosure and Portishead, to Azealia Banks, James Blake and Yeah Yeah Yeah to the ever popular Beyonce are just a few of the musicians she can’t get enough of.

“The old soul in me loves Teena Marie, Chaka Khan and En Vogue,” she adds. “I am also not afraid to disclose I am a proud member of the Beehive and love all things Beyonce.”

Check out DJ C. Devone on Soundcloud here to get a taste of her unique style.

Images courtesy of photographer Tyson Adams.

DJ C. DeVone Lifestyle 1 632x632 A Day In The LIfe of DJ C. Devone

DJ C. DeVone Lifestyle 3 632x632 A Day In The LIfe of DJ C. Devone

DJDevoneNewMainImage A Day In The LIfe of DJ C. Devone


Jenn Schleich is a freelance writer who enjoys writing things people like to read and reading great things other people have written. Visit her at www.pennedbyjenn.com or chat with her on Twitter (@jennschleich).

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Thursday, March 19th, 2015


Look Like You’ve Just Stepped Out Of A Fashion Mag With These Style Secrets

Chandran RF15 Fashion Look Like Youve Just Stepped Out Of A Fashion Mag With These Style Secrets
Do you love fashion? Lookng for ways to emphasize your taste? From New York to Paris, anyone can achieve a super chic look when they pay attention to certain details. Here are some incredible style secrets that will make you look and feel like a fashion queen:

Quality over quantity

Buying a whole wardrobe of Roberto Cavalli clothing isn’t affordable for most of us. However, when you are on a budget, stick to the mantra of quality over quantity as much as possible. It is far better to have a smaller wardrobe full of beautifully made and well-designed items that fit you perfectly, rather lots of clothing that is cheap and poor quality.

Look after your clothing

It follows from the point above that you should take great care of your garments. Well-pressed clothing will help you to achieve that chic look. Follow instructions for washing items to a T and always deal with stains, damage and other flaws immediately to avoid them getting any worse. Tailoring clothes without experience and skill can end in disaster, so always pay for professional services if you are at all unsure.

Copy your style heroes

If you lack fashion inspiration look to your style heroes for help. Your icons can be anyone from your Gaby Espino to your Mum. Don’t be afraid to borrow fashion and beauty styles from them. But do try to adapt them to suit your individual style and add touches of your personality where you can.

Dress for you

Do not have to be skinny to look chic. It’s all about getting to know your body shape and choosing clothes that flatter you. If you are small in height and curvy in shape, you are unlikely to suit long, straight styles. However, your body will look fantastic in open necklines and nipped waists. Take the time to get to know your body shape and what you feel comfortable in. You know what they say, if you feel great, you look great.

Stand up straight

Never underestimate what good posture can do for your overall look (and health). Slouching and hunched shoulders make you look and feel uncomfortable. Look at catwalk models. They always have impeccable posture. This makes them look strong and confident and means the beautiful clothes they are wearing hang on them perfectly. And this applies to you. There is no point spending lots of time creating chic ensembles if you are just going to slouch in them. It can be difficult to break posture habits, but try your best to remind yourself to tuck in your tummy, throw your shoulders back, and lift your head high.

Be creative

Fashion is all about pushing boundaries and trying something new, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your ensembles. Mixing colors, patterns and textures can lead to much more interesting outfit. Looking at fashion blogs, websites and magazine will help to get your creative juices flowing.

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Fashion, Luxury, POSHGLAM

Liam Fahy Love | “POSHGLAM” 25% Discount

Liam Fahy5 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount

A British accent isn’t the only thing irresistible about Liam Fahy—the man’s got at least three things going for him: he’s offering up a 25% off code for POSHGLAM readers, his shoes are to die for and, apparently, he understands women. It may not seem like much, but it adds up to a collection of smashing designs that we’re head over heels for. And, they’re handmade, in Venice, so that’s a plus.

His conceptual based designs have won him awards across the globe and his attention is always focused on producing the height of luxury in the women’s shoe market. With a disdain for mass production, imitation and corporations, he’s driven by a pure appreciation for design and that’s a rare quality.

For 25% off Liam Fahy designs head on over to their Eboutique and enter the promo code “POSHGLAM” at checkout. Heads up, there’s a sale going on right now too so some of his sweet kicks are about to become a pretty sweet deal.

Liam Fahy3 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount Liam Fahy4 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount Liam Fahy2 Liam Fahy Love | POSHGLAM 25% Discount


Jenn Schleich is a freelance writer who enjoys writing things people like to read and great things other people have written. Visit her at pennedbyjenn.com or chat with her on Twitter (@jennschleich).

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Monday, March 2nd, 2015


J. Crew X Lacoste Collabo, Duh!

Lacoste JCrew1 J. Crew X Lacoste Collabo, Duh!

For the love of polo shirts, J. Crew and Lacoste are teaming up to bring a line of exclusive polos to the streets for Spring. The newest collaboration in the fashion world infuses the traditional French polo shirt with a fresh breath of modern American style.

Available in a number of colors, notably white, navy, burgundy and orange, the shirts will be available in J. Crew’s “Looks We Love” section. Appearing on the classically styled shirts is a vintage Lacoste logo dating from 1983. The shirts will offer a slimmer cut than Lacoste shoppers are used to wearing, in addition to soft cotton that gives a well-worn vibe to the shirts.

The entire marketing campaign around the shirts is equally vintage, showcasing images from Lacoste’s historical archives of children and adults sporting vintage looks from a time gone by.

“While it’s true that Lacoste’s iconic shirts started off as a sporting innovation, in the ensuing decades their influence has been felt far beyond the tennis court,” notes the J. Crew website. “It seems like everyone has their own story about what that little crocodile means.”

The folks at J. Crew obviously have their own story about the little crocodile if they are choosing to showcase Lacoste’s iconic look.

“I’ve always been attracted to the rich history of Lacoste, especially its vintage polo shirts,” says Frank Muytjens, J. Crew’s head of men’s design. “We preserved details like a notched hem and… they let us go through their archives to bring back an old crocodile, which is blue… it’s a nice throwback.”

J. Crew stores in the US, Canada, UK and France, as well as the online boutique, will be carrying the tops.Lacoste JCrew3 J. Crew X Lacoste Collabo, Duh!Lacoste JCrew2 J. Crew X Lacoste Collabo, Duh!

Jenn Schleich is a freelance writer from Ontario. She enjoys writing stuff people like reading. Check her out at www.pennedbyjenn.com or find her on Twitter (@jennschleich).

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