#Throwback!!! Fash-O-Ween Is Upon Us, Drag-it-up as your favorite Icon…Let’s Go!

Leave the plastic boots and corsets at home and forget tacky, store bought Halloween costumes this year. We get it, you just added “sexy” in front of your favorite animal or occupation or weekend hobby. Clever. How about showing a little class, as well as fashion sense, this time? This Halloween is Fash-o-ween. Many of today’s fashion industry icons are larger than life characters, instantly recognizable thanks to their unique personal style. So why not imitate your favorite fashion mogul and maybe pick up a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe after, you know, tricking or treating?

Oh Anna. Anna, Anna. How one person takes a look and makes it work for decades, I do not know. Leave it to the editor of Vogue to find a style that transcends time and trend. The bobbed haircut, large glasses and working-girl dress is instantly recognizable all by themselves. Add a large fur coat and some classic pumps and you’re ready for the front for and Alexander Wang.

You’d be hard pressed to find a photo of Karl Lagerfeld wearing much color. Or without a custom, high collared white shit. Because of this signature look, Mr. Lagerfeld is another perfect Halloween copycat option. It’s the perfect get-up for the fashion-conscious male,  or the boyfriend being reluctantly dragged to a couples party. Best thing here is most of the pieces the majority of men already own; black tuxedo jacket and pants, white collared shirt (sorry, Karl’s are made special for him), dress shoes. Grab some silver chains and giant pendants and not even Coco could spot the difference.

If you’d rather glam up than be a slutty cat for Halloween, grab some self tanner and dress up as Donatella Versace. Her look is so synonymous with her brand that even her model’s look like her. Choose a bright colored dress (an homage to both Donatella’s personal style and Versace’s) and drip yourself in diamonds. If you don’t want to bleach the life out of your hair, there’s always wigs.  Just stay out of the tanning bed. Get the look without the damage.

Now if you really want to have fun and get noticed, while still showing your fashion sense, get colorful and dress as Betsey Johnson. Pairing fun, bright fabrics and prints is quintessential Betsey, and who doesn’t want to look like they’re always down for a good time? You can wear heels or flats, just make sure they’re bold. Throw on a tulle skirt and weave in a few dozen braids into your hair at the roots. Feel free to cartwheel down the runway, er, sidewalk.

If you’re going out with a group this halloween, insist on going as the crew from America’s Next Top Model. You would, of course, be Tyra, since you’re the undisputed leader of the pack. You can really pick any hair style of hers to imitate, or find your favorite look in wig form (since that IS what Tyra does, after all). Your hot guy friend with the strangely large pecs can be Jay, just get a nice pair of dark wash jeans and an tight gothic t-shirt. And unless he already has silver hair, which, you know, totally happens in nature, grab a can of sprayable hair color and make his head sparkle. Now Andre Leon Tally is a double whammy. He can run along side Anna Wintour for a Vogue couples costume, or be part of the ANTM crew. Long, black coat or poncho required, as well as a large fur hat, and a fun accessory like a cane. Make that a bejeweled cane. If your group is bigger than three, dress another guy friend up in heels and he can go as Miss Jay, or starve a few of your girlfriends for a few days and they can be your Top Model hopefuls. You can let them have some candy, but only if they nail their underwater evening gown shoot for sponsor Nokia.

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(#Throwback!!! Fash-O-Ween Is Upon Us, Drag-it-up as your favorite Icon…Let’s Go!) :