Elasta QP Hosts A Talk Among Girl Friends & Debuts New Olive & Mango Butter

Hair-care is a hot-button topic among Women of Color, with so many textures and beautiful grades, it’s actually quite fun to bring up and discuss among women of ethnic decent. Our conversations debunk myths, defy stereotypes and bring forth a dialog paying homage to the innovators before who paved the way with Black haircare.

With technological advancements and a greater knowledge of what works, Women of Color are now able to easily rock their natural textured tresses, without sacrificing manageability or style. This is a direct result of research and technological changes and innovations for ethnic haircare. Women of Color have always had great beautiful textures, present day products with an East-MATCHED-West approach to beauty have developed the ingredient combinations to help provide a polished low-maintenance look for women in Corporate America. It’s an exciting time, we are able to celebrate who we are and still maintain a professional appearance with vast wear-ability.

In celebration of Elasta QP’s thirty-year anniversary, they have revitalized the formulas in a permeable solution for textured tresses.

“We’re excited to see that after thirty years, Elasta QP, a brand quintessentially known for it’s relaxers and sleek styling products, is entering into the natural hair space. We have a fresh new redesign and we’re looking forward to introducing our latest Olive Oil & Mango Butter collection to beauty and grooming influencers across the country” says Strength of Nature Global National Marketing Director, Charlene Bastien.

I gathered with a number of influencers to chat round table style, for an intimate Q&A session hosted by Elasta QP at Atlanta’s BLT. The warm group traded stories of other’s fascinations with their natural hair and their liberating experience to transition. It’s a great thing, knowing who you are and having quality products with the knowledge to back them. For more on the broad range of products and their science-meets-natural ingredients, please visit: ElastaQP.com

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(Elasta QP Hosts A Talk Among Girl Friends & Debuts New Olive & Mango Butter) :