Eau du Jimmy Choo, Flash | Summer Fragrance for the Floral Senses

Jimmy Choo Flash


So you’re one for adopting a new fragrance, every once in a while, who isn’t? Right when you think you have browsed them all, you’re not quite sure if the one you whiffed before is caring over the scent from the previous and the one you are smelling now has merged all three concoctions of notes. Ah ha! fragrance shopping is just one of those chores. Starts off great, clear frame of reference, then suddenly you are swept into a montage of the last 5 fragrances you sniffed, creating more than a light headed confusion and a lingering nausea.

Though you would love to forget, we’re sure you remember quite vividly. The Valentino smelt just like the Stella, and now over to the Viktor & Rolf only to have the fragrance girl do a cutsey sashay over to the dare we say — Cartier. Even if you narrow down to fleurs, musks or citric blends, the world of nodes is still a new terrain to navigate everytime you take the course. ¬†The curse of the scavenger hunt for the new signature scent and it can’t be rebuked. If you had known any better you would just go around like a 7 year little gal who’s mother won’t allow her to wear any scents, and collect samples from every counter, only to carry them home and try them one by one. That would afterall be quite rediculous.

How does one cleanse the nasal palate¬†anyway? Let’s not reference that sorbet scented body splash you wore as a teen (did someone say Bath & Body). Aside from your choice of stripperesque fruity blends, it’s time to narrow it down. Our choice this season for the update of the fragrance repertoire, Jimmy Choo Flash: It’s both fresh and floral without overloading the senses and has that designer name we’ve come to trust.

For obvious reasons, we’re nerve-wracked to take a chance on anything of lower priced or caliber, so for your reference: this carefully layered beauty retails for $98 at Nordstrom.com. Hopefully it will linger with your chemistry as well as it does with ours. If not, feel free to take one for the team, and head over to your favorite department store and sniff yourself into a dizzy…Thanks!

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