Dancing with Lipstick Queen’s: Saints and Sinners

Lipstick formulas are making a comeback with unequivocal resurgence. Poppy King has two new sets that will set your happy soul on fire via Lipstick Queen:

Dancing Queen Trio

Sheer matte Shimmer, designed with an unexpected matte finish, Dancing Queen is a unique take on one of fashion’s hottest trend– sexy iridescence. With high-octane glamour that’s totally wearable, it comes in a beautiful hot pink suede-touch lipstick case with teal logo.

Saints and Sinners

10 new additions have been added to the original Saints and Sinners collection by Poppy King. With DOUBLE the existing shade range, in light of the long-lasting color and overall appeal. The 10 original Saints and Sinners Cult-like makeup-bag staples have evolved into the exciting extension. New shades include bright pops of color, subtle but chic nudes, traffic stopping reds and vibrant fuchsias, containing something glamours for every woman Saint or not.

Poppy King says:

“This season I was so inspired by the magical glamour and exuberance of the dance floor! When I think dance floor, I think Studio 54. Get your Dancing Queen lipstick on and your groove will follow.”

“Knowing I had the best basics covered by the first 10 Saints and Sinners, I could really indulge my obsession with color in these next 10. I went into the minutiae that makes a color absolutely perfect and light up your whole face, not to mention your spirit! These colors are good mood in a tube!”



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