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Kimberly E. Stone ( Profile) mostly caters to new luxury brands, and talented emergent designers.  Aside from offering exciting and pertinent news on the next generation of fashion designers and brands, POSHGLAM also covers events, trends, fashion happenings around the world and local information pertaining to the different fashion markets.—making it a great place to browse, shop, and discover new brands.

POSHGLAM’s diverse group of writers—with loads of personality and varying tastes— help the reader gain a greater knowledge of new brands from a fashion gossip’s perspective.

The catchy name is what draws most readers in, and they stay due to the engaging tone and overabundance of original content on fashion and industry specific information.

POSHGLAM covers well-known brands but its roots are purposefully placed in the emerging market, with the belief that raw talent is at the center of every trend. is the “brain child” of Kimberly Stone—a model, designer and a budding fashion entrepreneur with a knack for recognizing creative talent and pinpointing successful lines. A true fashionista, Kimberly started designing at age four when her mother went to the fabric store to purchase fabric for a bridesmaid’s dress and Kimberly demanded to make something of her own. Her mother sat with her with a needle and thread and helped her design her first skirt and top.

Kimberly is an optimistic beauty who is full of energy and loves life. She has modeled for the past seven years and has signed with top agencies between New York and Atlanta. In the past Kimberly has worked as a makeup artist and attributes her love of makeup to her early fascination with it. When she’s not playing one of her many professional roles, Kimberly enjoys having fun with friends and traveling.

Kimberly surrounds herself with other likeminded fashion forward individuals to help further establish POSHGLAM, and attributes its success to the many helping hands that have assisted along the way. Stone’s personal approach to Creative PR, Marketing, Branding and Social Media has allowed her to further develop her role in the Fashion 2.0 realm.

Kimberly researched POSHGLAM during her late teens, and later founded the company as a way to help support the emergent fashion community. Her personal knowledge, as well as formal training has helped her capture a unique niche in the fast paced and ever changing world of fashion.
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