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Callous Cause, Poor Trayvon Martin: How Does One Take A Photo Without Merit?

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Forgive me here, there is a child involved. I grab the cover of the current Ebony, which I read frequently. It’s a publication I have a lot of respect for. I teared up with the thought of Trayvon Martin’s legacy and remembrance. Thought twice about saying anything rude, then a light bulb went off.

We all know “fine ass Boris” can take a photo, swoon the gals and has a regular remnant in Ebony & Essence. This is my concern: After reading the editorial piece, after seeing the very well done cover, I read the quote “honestly haven’t addressed this with my kids“.


You took a philanthropic stance against the murdering of Trayvon Martin, you shot a beautiful photo with your young son, you’ve seen everything in the media, and I reiterate “honestly haven’t addressed this with my kids!” I’m hoping this isn’t a sick media oversight further distracting away from the real impact and issue at hand. WTF moment, you be the judge, the verdict is in. Poor kid, and yes I’m talking about Trayvon Martin RIP!


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(Callous Cause, Poor Trayvon Martin: How Does One Take A Photo Without Merit?) :