Brian Atwood Customizes “LADY” Shoe for Gaga

In true Lady Gaga fashion, this “lady-like” scowl reveals the pop star’s true colors! Outraged by the recent photos taken of her in Amsterdam, Lady Gaga is not happy with the 25+ pounds she gained or the un-photoshopped pictures. Gaga told press yesterday, she plans to give the boot to her favorite vices – pizza and pasta and go on a strict diet to get her in shape for her North American Born This Way concert tour. The pop singer recently announced the 2013 tour dates, which kick off in Vancouver in January.

While we completely agree the photos are unflattering, we can’t help but covet her stylish, monster high “Lady” nude, ankle strap Brian Atwood heels, which the designer custom made for her. The Atwood pumps are far more our style than the strapless, “meat” corset the singer strutted around stage in, a costume she shockingly debuted at the 2010 MTV Awards. Personally, we think the carne corset is more of a wardrobe malfunction that an onstage ensemble. Known for her eccentric high heels, the outrageous diva buddied up with Atwood for a closet full couture shoes, and is seen gingerly prancing around town shopping. Her most recent shopping trip was in New York City, where she was spotted at Chanel and Vera Wang. Lady Gaga’s Brian Atwood collection runs the avant-garde gamut from towering black patent Mary Jane pumps to ultra-high studded leather platform pumps with ankle strap to the personalized nude “Lady.”

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