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Bochic Jewelry Debuts Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Through 1930s Shanghai Inspired Film

Bochic channels the “Paris of the Orient” with a short film inspired by the cultural mixture of 1930s Shanghai lifestyle. The film was shot in an abandoned colonial era train station by photographer Eyal Nevo.

The setting provided natural lighting and gave a Chiaroscuro effect to the film. Stylist Simon Elmalam used clothing rich in textures and patterns to evict an east-meets-west glamour.

David Joseph, co-founder and co-designer of Bochic, was the creative director for the film, and aimed to embody the mysterious nature of the Bochic woman – the glamorous, confident and adventurous.

The intricately detailed collection is inspired by 1930s Shanghai and features calligraphic art and carvings. All the pieces have an authentic vintage feel, especially the gold cuff with carved starburst encrusted with diamonds. We adore the vintage lion and dragon cameo earrings.

The music, Le cigne by French Late-Romantic composer Charles-Camille Saint-Saens, adds to the mysterious nature of the film.

Take a look at the short film below and some of our favorite pieces from the collection. For more information on Bochic, visit


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