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LaserTouch Aesthetics | Say Goodbye to Stubble, Stings & All It Brings

LaserTouch Aesthetics LaserTouch Aesthetics | Say Goodbye to Stubble, Stings & All It Brings

With three locations in New York City, stretching from Soho to Midtown, LaserTouch Aesthetics offers a diverse and varied range of medi-spa services. Treatments include botox, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion and tattoo removal. Their myriad of innovative laser techniques has been praised by many of the industry’s top experts and are commonly revered as the clinics’ most widely requested services.

The battle to remove unwanted body hair is often a cyclical trist, at the very least an unpleasant and time-consuming chore. From dull razors to messy shave gels followed by ingrowns, stubble and rapid re-growth, most find this daily annoyance to be a hopeful thing of the past.

With some of the most experienced technicians in NYC, their team of experts helmed by medical director and founder, Dr. Ali Vafa, ensure that any and all services are executed both safely and professionally according to FDA standards. To this end, the loyal clientele are at ease when frequenting the spaces.

Whether your body hair is fine or coarse, your skin tone pale or dark, they offer personalized laser removal services to address your specific removal needs. Each session is carefully customized for the individual client, through preliminary steps of using spot testing in order to assess hair and skin type. Before selection of appropriate treatment path, patented cooling devices are also incorporated into the procedure for painless implementation. To stop in for hair removal, learn more at

LaserTouch Aesthetics Soho LaserTouch Aesthetics | Say Goodbye to Stubble, Stings & All It Brings

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013


Inter-Seasonal Style, Dizzy into Dreamy

Moodboard Uniprice Inter Seasonal Style, Dizzy into Dreamy


Technically, Spring should already have sprung, but here we are, still wearing our winter jumpers and feeling thoroughly sorry for ourselves. Meanwhile, you want to go shopping, but the shops are full of summer dresses and short shorts that you just can’t imagine you’ll get the chance to wear any time soon. This calls for a bit of smart inter-seasonal shopping; choosing key quality pieces that you can rock in this harsh extended winter and the warm summer, if it ever materializes.

The key to a good inter-seasonal look is to pick a fabric that will provide a layer of warmth in winter, but which is also cool and lightweight enough for warmer weather. Dresses are the easiest item of clothing to reboot and when it comes to fabric, jersey is a classic choice. This chic See by Chloe shift is a strong transitional piece. The brightness of the print will perk up a drizzly day and will also work in bright sunlight, and the pixelated cobra print is a great update on the ubiquitous animal print trend.

For cold weather, throw on a pair of tights, some sturdy boots, a lightweight knit and a leather jacket, and then simply update it in summer with a pair of flats and a statement necklace.

Moodboard Uniprice 2 Inter Seasonal Style, Dizzy into Dreamy

Maybe you’re sick of waiting for the sun to arrive, and you’ve decided to jet off to warmer climes and get some sun. We don’t blame you; swapping a soggy commute for a sun lounger and a cocktail is a no brainer.

Looking your best by the pool or on the beach is no mean feat. Of course you’ll need a great bikini and a pedicure, but you’ll also want to make sure your make-up is working as hard as you play, which means choosing waterproof products that give maximum effect with minimum effort.

The whole point of holiday glamour is to look effortlessly chic, so you really don’t want to be performing poolside touch-ups every time you step out of the water. Keep it simple: a pop of lip colour and sweeping lashes will give you a great holiday look with a low-maintenance air. Dab some waterproof concealer under your eyes if you’re feeling a little jet-lagged.

A white bikini is the best way to show off a tan, and is pretty much timeless, think Kate Moss on a St. Barths yacht and you’re there. Curvier girls can’t go wrong with a more retro shape, and strapless styles eliminate the dreaded tan line issue.

By placing items from hundreds of online stores in one convenient place, Uniprice offers a relaxed shopping experience that will leave you more time to plan your summer wardrobe, whether you’re cheating the wintry weather with a multi-purpose outfit, or rocking a stay-put pout and a knock-out bikini.

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Saturday, March 16th, 2013

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Niché Beauty | RX for Brown Skin Provides TLC for Women Of Color

RX for Brown Skin 721x632 Niché Beauty | RX for Brown Skin Provides TLC for Women Of Color
Though we are all created equal, lucky for us, we’re not all created the same. Every facet of divine design calls for different maintenance and the specificity of one’s skincare regimen is to be determined by season, reason or cause. As we age, following the mantra “Black don’t Crack” can be rather self-fulfilling; however, just because it isn’t cracking, doesn’t mean our skin doesn’t have a need for nourishment and health.

With advancements in preventative chemistry and technology, there’s no wonder these products have emerged. Present day innovation and mother nature have provided our largest organ the luxury of being catered to with every waking need in mind.

The determinant for SPF doesn’t rely on the amount of melanin, rather environmental factors due to global warming and must be merged with a free-radical prevention plan comprised of an anti-oxidant balance from fruits such as pomegranate. RX for Brown Skin is a full-spectrum skincare program taking your day-to-night routine from A-to-Z.

Their gentle cleanser for normal skin types, gently lifts away dirt, makeup and impurities to reduce surface oils and unclog pores. The oil-free, fragrance-free formula is gentle and won’t irritate skin. Hydrating ingredients formulated into the cleanser replenish moisture leaving the face feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

Bright Skin Complex – A blend of Soy, Pomegranate and Hyaluronic Acid. Soy to specifically target uneven skin tone. Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant to help protect against free radicals. And, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate skin for a softer, smoother texture.

Green Tea – An antioxidant to help protect against environmental toxins that can age the skin. Their lightweight, oil-free cream provides continuous skin hydration throughout the day for skin that’s luxuriously smooth and soft to the touch. The hydrating formula draws in and absorbs moisture from the air for all-day hydration while also calming skin and  promoting a softer and smoother texture.

RX’s alcohol, fragrance & oil-free toner combines skin-soothing antioxidants with hydrating and exfoliating ingredients to help control skin oils and bring skin’s pH balance back to its natural state. It also hosts a glycolic acid component that gently exfoliates to lift away dead skin cells and keep pores clear. Witch hazel and willow bark help detoxify skin and regulate skin oils, while bright skin complex delivers antioxidant soy and pomegranate to help calm and soothe irritated skin.

As a third step: hydration, dynamic moisturizing complex incorporates a number of key components to maintain the skin’s hydration and deliver powerful humectants attracting water and restore the skin’s natural moisturizing ability.

DayMoist CLR is a complex of plant derived ingredients that improves the hydration level of the skin for at least 24 hours after a single application.

Shea Butter, harvested from the karate tree in Africa, is a natural source of Vitamins A, E and F, and is ideal for drier skin types as it helps revitalize, soften and maintain skin moisture. Cocoa Butter, extracted from cacao beans and used for centuries in Africa for its moisturizing and healing properties, is naturally rich in antioxidants to help soothe, hydrate and replenish the skin.

Advanced SPF 15 sunscreen plus anti-aging formula not only protects against sun-related hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots, but also helps skin look years younger by enhancing texture, elasticity and hydration.

• Powerful UVA/UVB sunscreen protects against harmful effects of sun
• Proven botanicals such as goji, açai and green tea help slow the signs of skin
• Red seaweed helps to deeply hydrate for firmer, more youthful-looking skin

RX for Brown Skin Essential Hydration 766x632 Niché Beauty | RX for Brown Skin Provides TLC for Women Of Color


*Sample was provided

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

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Label Love: Tracy Reese’s Website Gets A Colorful Face-Lift

Tracy Reese New Site Label Love: Tracy Reeses Website Gets A Colorful Face Lift

Ever wonder about the intimate and exclusive details of the fashion industry? Well, they can only be found in the mind of a successful fashion designer. Hence, Tracy Reese recently debuted her new website with design and focus on her new aesthetic., features her candid thoughts fashion and the world in general. Her work effectively prosed via cutely titled blog “Reese’s Pieces.” Reese’s Pieces is both transparent and fun, gregariously depicting her daily inspiration for tactile and stylish design. From the harsh fashion industry’s truths of cutting garments, slopping patterns and working–well into the night, segueing into the beauty of the finished product. The new site speaks volumes about Tracy: It is the epitome of her colorful take on fashion, and bright, fresh aesthetic.

Let’s just say it’s more reflective of Tracy’s personality than the prior webdesigns. It’s all encompassing look brings together her print styles and personal taste, that’s really fun and user friendly. One of our favorite perks is the ability to shop Tracy Reese’s signature line and her Plenty, separately. Cool right? You can also enlarge pictures and complete looks to see if they are right for your body type and compare the style you want, by juxtaposing the garments. One of the best elements of the new site is a subscription feature allowing for 10% off your first purchase. This definitely makes it worth the while to buy chic wardrobe staples for Spring.

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013


Chris Collins Exclusive: The Categories Men Put Women In, and How You Can Move Between

chris collins Chris Collins Exclusive: The Categories Men Put Women In, and How You Can Move Between

There is a notion that when a man meets a woman, he can immediately put her in a category where he sees that woman playing a role in is life. And I’m here to tell you it’s true….to a certain extent. Now this may seem a bit harsh, but as a man I don’t think we purposely do this. Wait, let me take that back, we completely know that we’re doing when we do this. I just think this is the only way men can make sense out of their relationships with the very intricate and complex, yet magnificent and precious treasure that a woman is. Now that I’ve buttered you up, here’s how it goes.

There are four main categories that men place women in upon meeting them. There is the Girlfriend, the Sex Partner, the Best Friend, and last but not least the once in lifetime, love at first site, myth I’ve only read about in books or seen in movies but I think is completely probable…..the Wife. Now I’m sure there are thousands of sub-categories within the four I’ve mentioned, but to keep this as simple as possible we’ll just stick with these. Oh and there’s another point I need to make.  I’m assuming that the men I’m speaking about are single. If a man is married or in a relationship, well let’s just say that that’s a whole other fish to fry. This as you know can get extremely complicated.

Men are very animalistic in nature. Think of them as animals in the wild. If they see something that attracts them, they either want to kill it and eat it, or love it. Let’s just call this natural selection. Now unless this guy is a cannibal or a nut case, he will in most cases want to love it.  This brings me to my first category, the Sex Partner. Man and woman were created for each other for a sole purpose, and that is to mate and reproduce. And trust me when a man sees a woman from across the room or at a bar and says to himself, wow she’s hot, his headmost instinct is to grab her, rip her clothes off and mate. It could be her beauty, her smile, her style, etc. But whatever it is, that initial allure has sex written all over it. So even before you meet, before you say single word to each other, you have already been categorized as a sex partner.

Now at some point he will muster up the courage to come and talk to you about his plan to have sex with you until you both pass out from exhaustion. And at this point, here is where the real game begins. Within moments he will know if you will stay in that category of you being his sex partner for a little while. Or will there be something that happens during your interaction that suddenly moves you into another? That depends. It will be the difference between him saying, “So do you want to come to my place for a drink tonight” or, “can I have your number so I can take you to lunch tomorrow”. Her are the different scenarios that can ensue.

So now you meet, and he sees that you are just like him, maybe too much like him and maybe he wasn’t as into you as much as he thought he would be. He realizes you both love sports, cats, watching documentaries about veganism or whatever. You laugh and joke all night wondering how the time passed. And all of a sudden he forgets about how bad he wanted to jump your bones, and realizes how cool you are. All he wants to do is hang out with you, grab a beer or do something together that you both have in common. You my dear have now been put in the category of a Best Friend. But hold on, before we go any further. I have a theory about men and women being “best friends”. If one or both of the participants in this friendship is attractive, this friendship will never work. Especially since you two met initially through that attraction. It will always end up one day with one of you crying and confessing how you always loved the other person for years and couldn’t hold it in anymore. Or after a fun night of drinking a laugh turns into a kiss and you both wake up the next morning in bed wondering what the hell just happened. In that case either the friendship ends or you slip effortlessly into the category of either the sex partner, the girlfriend and maybe even one day his wife!! That’ll be a funny story for a wedding speech.

Ok, back the point. Let’s rewind a bit and talk about that initial interaction again. So now when you meet, you blow him away with your wit and your charm. He realizes you are smart and funny with good values, great career, etc. Every box on his continuously changing punch list is checked. This makes you even more beautiful than he thought. He sees, that at least from your initial meeting that you are the girl that he’s been waiting to meet in is unsuccessful quest for companionship. You are now in the category of Girl Friend.  Your goin home to momma!!

And last but not least, the category of Wife. As legend has it, there are some encounters that are Godly and upon meeting a woman you know in that second that she is your wife. I’ve never experienced this yet, but I’m assuming that this is what it would feel like. “When I meet you everything in the room disappears. There is a glow around you, and my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest. Every word you say, sounds like a symphony of Mozart. I look into your eyes and I see your soul. I feel you. You ask, “why are you staring at me like that”, and I’m thinking because all I can do is imagine you playing with our children in our yard. I’m already checking the ring of  your first name with my last. I completely lose time. I’ve known you all my life. You are my Wife”. Wow, what an image!

One very important thing to keep in mind, is that it is very easy to slip in and out and back and forth between these categories. What you imagined in the beginning may not be. Life is funny in the way things turn out sometime. The woman you believed to be your wife may end up being the girlfriend you let get away. Or the sex partner you imagined became the best friend because the your sexual connection was terrible. But trust me, they do exist. You just never know which one you will start or where you will ultimately end up.

Chris Collins a model for Ralph Lauren for 16 years is not your average model. Beyond his looks, and his charm, he’s smart. With degrees in Biology and psychology, planning to be a Doctor later in life, he will soon be using his intelligence and influence on his own platform, as a journalist.  This piece is a sampling of his work and his creation of the long awaited….Chris Collins Report!

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