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Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Sex Symbols And How to Embody Their Female “SWAG”

shame sally richardson Sex Symbols And How to Embody Their Female SWAG

MarilynM Sex Symbols And How to Embody Their Female SWAGWhen we think of legendary sex icons, our minds are automatically directed to figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Betty Grable, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, and more modern day women such as Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Eva Mendes, Salli Richardson and the lady that made the 80’s—Madonna.

Those bitches! What is it about the aforementioned that makes men crazy? Is it their beauty? Their bodies? Their talent? Nah. What makes men crazy, is the “it” factor. They say, (whoever “they” is)… that you’ve either got IT, or you don’t. So what exactly comprises “IT”?

Sophia Loren once said, “Sex appeal is 50% what you’ve got, and 50% what people think you’ve got.” Maybe you’re reading this with a raised eyebrow, and that’s part of the problem. Blending in might be what makes you feel comfortable, but don’t get it twisted—even the most demure of women have the IT-factor, and certainly stand out.

The level of sex appeal you exude doesn’t start in the mirror—as much as this has been pounded into your brain. It’s in the way you carry yourself—a quiet confidence that will instantly spark his interest. It’s about the way you move…walk…sip your drink. Keep in mind that menEva Mendes Sex Symbols And How to Embody Their Female SWAG are very visual beings, and your body language speaks volumes without you ever muttering a single word.

Smile a lot; make eye contact—but never stare. If you see a guy in the distance that you are interested in talking to, make eye contact, smile, and look away. Continue whatever conversation you are in the middle of, then discreetly make eye contact once again, and again, look away. Now he has the “okay”. We must remember, it takes a lot of guts to be a guy. Working up the nerve to talk to a girl is not the easiest thing. Everyone fears rejection, especially men. With this simple gesture, you are telling him it is okay for him to approach you, without making you look desperate or overly interested.

Just like you, guys like to be around girls that are easy to talk to, but who listen and who seem interested in what they have to say. If he cracks a joke—laugh! Guys love a laid back and positive atmosphere. Don’t delve into deep personal details or bitch/complain right off the bat. No one likes a Debbie Downer, and trust me, the last thing any guy wants to listen to (or anyone for that matter) is a sob story. Let him warm up to you, and likewise, you to him.

Follow his lead. Allow him to be the man, but at the same time, don’t dumb yourself down or become overly giddy. Never try too hard, and never put it all out there (this rule also applies to the way you dress). Make him work a little bit! The key is to always to leave him wanting more. Even if you think he is comparable to Brad Pitt, let him chase you! Guys love a challenge, so give him one.

Keep up on your appearance, but above all, mind your inner-swag. If you walk in like you own the place, you will. It’s like having a fantastic secret with yourself, keep ‘em guessing! The “IT” factor is simple really—allow yourself to shine from the inside out, and he will see you for the diamond that you are!

— Colby

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


52 Uses for Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil

Trader Joes Coconut Oil 52 Uses for Trader Joes Coconut Oil

After years of hearing raves about Coconut Oil for everything under the sun. I did some research, started consuming it and using it everywhere…it’s a lot lighter than I thought it would be and I found this fun post online for 52 ways to use it.

  1. Eat a spoonful when you need an energy boost.
  2. Use it as the base for a homemade body scrub.
  3. Use to condition your wooden cutting boards.
  4. Use as a super conditioner on your hair (apply to dry hair, leave in as long as possible and then shampoo as normal).
  5. Use as a styling agent if you have really dry hair. Just rub a tiny bit on your palms and apply to your hair and style as normal.
  6. Keep a little container in your purse for lip moisturizer.
  7. Add a spoonful to your dog or cat’s food. CO is great for our furry friends!
  8. Replace nasty, unhealthy vegetable oils in your cooking and baking with CO.
  9. Make healthy Magic Shell ice cream topping.
  10. Use it for oil pulling (learn about oil pulling here).
  11. Use a tiny dab on your underarms for a natural deodorant.
  12. Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream.
  13. Add to your bath tub for a moisturizing soak (a drop of peppermint oil is wonderful!).
  14. Use as a makeup remover.
  15. Use it to help sooth chicken pox, shingles, or other rashes or skin irritations.
  16. Use it to treat athlete’s food, ringworm, or other fungal or yeast infections.
  17. Take a spoonful with your vitamins to help improve absorption.
  18. Spread a thin layer on cuts or burns to speed up healing.
  19. Take up to 5 spoonfuls per day for improved thyroid function.
  20. Add a spoonful to your smoothies for extra nutrition and flavor (here, here, and here).
  21. Use on the delicate tissue around your eyes to help prevent wrinkles and sagging.
  22. Use as the base for homemade toothpaste or lotion.
  23. Use in place of massage oil.
  24. Use on your baby’s diaper rash or cradle cap.
  25. Use to help reduce visibility of stretch marks or to prevent stretch marks.
  26. For nursing mothers, use coconut oil on your nipples to prevent cracking and irritation.
  27. For nursing mothers, consuming coconut oil will help increase your milk flow.
  28. Apply to bee stings or bug bites to soothe and heal the wound.
  29. Women can use in the nether regions to relieve yeast infections, dryness, and/or discomfort.
  30. Eat a spoonful with each meal to improve digestion.
  31. If you’re prone to nosebleeds, coat the inside of your nostrils with coconut oil regularly.
  32. Helps soothe and heal hemorrhoids.
  33. Take to helps reduce or eliminate migraines.
  34. Use as the base for homemade vapor rub.
  35. Mixed with peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, or tea tree oil makes an excellent insect repellant.
  36. Mix with baking soda for a non-toxic “Goo Gone”.
  37. Use to help detox the body during a cleanse or fast.
  38. Use as a metal polish, but always test a small area first.
  39. Use as a leather moisturizer.
  40. Season your cast iron pans.
  41. Use to oil your pans and baking dishes instead of pan spray.
  42. Got gum stuck in your hair? Try using coconut oil to remove without cutting your hair.
  43. Use instead of WD-40.
  44. Use as a personal lubricant (not safe with latex).
  45. Take a spoonful to help with heartburn, acid reflux, or indigestion.
  46. Use as a natural sunscreen.
  47. Mix with a tiny bit of fresh lemon juice and use as a furniture polish (always test a small area first!).
  48. Mix with butter and toss your popcorn in it.
  49. Use on cracked or rough heals to help smooth them out.
  50. Massage into your nails and cuticles to help strengthen them.
  51. Use as the base for homemade chocolate candy (like peanut butter cups).
  52. Take a couple spoonfuls every day to help overall immune function.

This stuff is great! I am a fan of the Trader Joes formula. My favorite use is for weight loss & daily hair smoother. Wanted to share this quick beauty blurb with you in hopes that you too, will discover some wonderful uses for Coconut Oil. #Enjoy

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


Get Summer Gorgeous Now | Infographic

It’s no surprise that beauty has fast grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the decades. As most women know, the range of hair products, skin potions, and cosmetics available at any drugstore or mall is enormous.Prices can add up quickly when replenishing one’s bath and vanity—and let’s not forget that time is money, as well! In today’s extra-busy climate, it’s difficult to find time to shop and sort through all the offerings available.

All that said: Many of us are looking for fast, fuss-free, natural, or simple ways to become more beautiful. The great news is, there are a wealth of clever “beauty hacks” to be discovered— and many of them are right in your kitchen, bathroom, or makeup kit!

Here’s a rundown of six of the most versatile cosmetic “hacks” out there—all of which we are reasonably sure you can get your hands on right now, if they aren’t already in your house–and how you can best put them to work. We bet you will be surprised at how many things they can do.

Ready to hack your beauty routine? Let’s go.

Beauty Hacks IG final1 Get Summer Gorgeous Now | Infographic
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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

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I’m a Fan! Collaboost, Skin Infusion Gel by @ElyseeCosmetics

CollaBoost image2 Im a Fan! Collaboost, Skin Infusion Gel by @ElyseeCosmetics CollaBoost- 1,3 Skin Infusion Gel is a beauty girl’s winner. It’s amazing at hydrating and restoring the skin’s natural radiance and elasticity. Elysée Scientific Cosmetics use the latest in skincare technology, providing the best ingredients for CollaBoost which helps improve the appearance of fine lines, reduce dryness and improve skin’s texture. CollaBoost creates not only a healthy glow and more youthful appearance, but is great for layering with moisturizers and melding into your already existing regimen.

“As we age, components of our skin, mainly collagen and elastin, break down which sets the stage for wrinkles, creases, fold and furrows,” explains Linda Marshall, President of of Elysée Scientific Cosmetics. “While these are natural effects of getting older, it is possible to combat these signs of aging with our CollaBoost Skin Infusion Gel.”

CollaBoost gel contains a unique algae-based two-in-one skin tightener for instant tightening effects on the skin; and at the same time, it provides a long term effect by helping to increase the moisturization capacity of the skin. Proper hydration helps to support the skin—like springs in a mattress; thereby, helping us achieve the radiant fullness that it so apparent in youthful skin. Not only will CollaBoost-1,3 help to provide healthy-looking skin, but it will help to firm the skin, increase elasticity and revitalize aging skins. The formulation includes a natural plant derived protein that provides superior anti-oxidant properties against the visible signs of premature aging and contains great moisturizing benefits.

Benefits of CollaBoost Skin Infusion Gel include:

  • Helps to support the skin by increasing the moisture capacity of the skin.

  • Helps inhibit sagging skin and premature signs of aging as a result of oxidative stress.

  • Helps to optimize collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of sagging.

  • Gluthathione addresses Glycation, which makes skin look dull and brittle.

* Product was sampled for review

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

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TEETH WHITENING 101: How teeth whitening works and what to expect

Trays TEETH WHITENING 101: How teeth whitening works and what to expect

Did you know that teeth whitening does NOT actually whiten your teeth? Its best described as tooth bleaching because it bleaches away the stains thus restoring the tooth to its natural color. Some people are fortunate to have naturally bright white teeth, while others have an off-white or in rare cases yellowish coloring to their teeth. Teeth whitening will only remove the stains and reveal the true color of the tooth. Any teeth whitening brand that guarantees bright white teeth is misleading those with naturally off white or yellow teeth.

In order for a bleaching agent to effectively remove all stains it must contain either hydrogen peroxide (hp) or carbamide peroxide (CP) which is hydrogen peroxide suspended in a gel formula. A hydrogen peroxide solution will remove both extrinsic (surface) stains as well as intrinsic (beneath the surface) stains as long as it maintains contact with the tooth for a specified duration and frequency. The duration and frequency of treatments varies based on the severity of the tooth stains and the strength of the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. No matter the strength of the bleaching agent all stains will be removed over time.

Understanding the available teeth whitening options

Aside from requiring carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent it is equally important the delivery device adherers the hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent) solution to the teeth for the entire duration of each whitening session. There is only one tooth whitening system that ensures this and it is the custom fitted teeth whitening trays which are available at the dentist for roughly $500 or you can purchase them directly from the dental lab at www.smilebrilliant.com

Custom fitted teeth whitening trays are designed to fit your teeth with precision using your upper and lower dental impressions which are then sent off to a dental lab.  A lab technician will use your impressions to create a molding of your teeth from which they fabricate custom fitted teeth whitening trays using a vacuum forming machine. Custom fitted teeth whitening trays can be purchased from your dentist for roughly $500 or directly from the lab at www.smilebrilliant.com for $109.95. It’s the same product, same process, same results; however you never need to go to the dentist and it’s a mere fraction of the price!

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