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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

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I’m a Fan! Collaboost, Skin Infusion Gel by @ElyseeCosmetics

CollaBoost image2 Im a Fan! Collaboost, Skin Infusion Gel by @ElyseeCosmetics CollaBoost- 1,3 Skin Infusion Gel is a beauty girl’s winner. It’s amazing at hydrating and restoring the skin’s natural radiance and elasticity. Elysée Scientific Cosmetics use the latest in skincare technology, providing the best ingredients for CollaBoost which helps improve the appearance of fine lines, reduce dryness and improve skin’s texture. CollaBoost creates not only a healthy glow and more youthful appearance, but is great for layering with moisturizers and melding into your already existing regimen.

“As we age, components of our skin, mainly collagen and elastin, break down which sets the stage for wrinkles, creases, fold and furrows,” explains Linda Marshall, President of of Elysée Scientific Cosmetics. “While these are natural effects of getting older, it is possible to combat these signs of aging with our CollaBoost Skin Infusion Gel.”

CollaBoost gel contains a unique algae-based two-in-one skin tightener for instant tightening effects on the skin; and at the same time, it provides a long term effect by helping to increase the moisturization capacity of the skin. Proper hydration helps to support the skin—like springs in a mattress; thereby, helping us achieve the radiant fullness that it so apparent in youthful skin. Not only will CollaBoost-1,3 help to provide healthy-looking skin, but it will help to firm the skin, increase elasticity and revitalize aging skins. The formulation includes a natural plant derived protein that provides superior anti-oxidant properties against the visible signs of premature aging and contains great moisturizing benefits.

Benefits of CollaBoost Skin Infusion Gel include:

  • Helps to support the skin by increasing the moisture capacity of the skin.

  • Helps inhibit sagging skin and premature signs of aging as a result of oxidative stress.

  • Helps to optimize collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of sagging.

  • Gluthathione addresses Glycation, which makes skin look dull and brittle.

* Product was sampled for review

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

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TEETH WHITENING 101: How teeth whitening works and what to expect

Trays TEETH WHITENING 101: How teeth whitening works and what to expect

Did you know that teeth whitening does NOT actually whiten your teeth? Its best described as tooth bleaching because it bleaches away the stains thus restoring the tooth to its natural color. Some people are fortunate to have naturally bright white teeth, while others have an off-white or in rare cases yellowish coloring to their teeth. Teeth whitening will only remove the stains and reveal the true color of the tooth. Any teeth whitening brand that guarantees bright white teeth is misleading those with naturally off white or yellow teeth.

In order for a bleaching agent to effectively remove all stains it must contain either hydrogen peroxide (hp) or carbamide peroxide (CP) which is hydrogen peroxide suspended in a gel formula. A hydrogen peroxide solution will remove both extrinsic (surface) stains as well as intrinsic (beneath the surface) stains as long as it maintains contact with the tooth for a specified duration and frequency. The duration and frequency of treatments varies based on the severity of the tooth stains and the strength of the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. No matter the strength of the bleaching agent all stains will be removed over time.

Understanding the available teeth whitening options

Aside from requiring carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent it is equally important the delivery device adherers the hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent) solution to the teeth for the entire duration of each whitening session. There is only one tooth whitening system that ensures this and it is the custom fitted teeth whitening trays which are available at the dentist for roughly $500 or you can purchase them directly from the dental lab at www.smilebrilliant.com

Custom fitted teeth whitening trays are designed to fit your teeth with precision using your upper and lower dental impressions which are then sent off to a dental lab.  A lab technician will use your impressions to create a molding of your teeth from which they fabricate custom fitted teeth whitening trays using a vacuum forming machine. Custom fitted teeth whitening trays can be purchased from your dentist for roughly $500 or directly from the lab at www.smilebrilliant.com for $109.95. It’s the same product, same process, same results; however you never need to go to the dentist and it’s a mere fraction of the price!

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Thursday, February 13th, 2014

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Opinion Poll | Originally Jan 5. 2011 #Throwback | Inclusion, Or No? How far has the industry Come?

JoanSmalls Opinion Poll | Originally Jan 5. 2011 #Throwback | Inclusion, Or No? How far has the industry Come?liyakebede Opinion Poll | Originally Jan 5. 2011 #Throwback | Inclusion, Or No? How far has the industry Come?
JessicaWhite Opinion Poll | Originally Jan 5. 2011 #Throwback | Inclusion, Or No? How far has the industry Come?

Estee Lauder adding Joan Smalls to its beautiful roster in December helped end 2010 on a hopeful note for the beauty and fashion industry. It’s no secret that diversity has long been a challenge on the runways and within magazine pages. Although make-up campaigns became increasingly more diverse in the last decade, celebrity faces like Halle Berry and Beyonce dominated for black women. Black models, including Jessica White for Maybelline, were not nearly as prominent. On the other side of the counter, Caucasian models were not overwhelmingly outnumbered by celebrities.

The true exception, when it comes to prominently featuring models of color in a context in which the mainstream industry actually pays attention, has been Iman Cosmetics. In 1994, she launched Iman Cosmetics precisely because she spent so many years of her top model days mixing foundations to match her rich complexion. She has since featured a bevy of ethnic beauties that are still pleasantly arresting in the make-up aisles. I was quite excited to see the gorgeous face of my friend, model Nichole (Robinson) Galicia, in the early campaigns. Of course Fashion Fair, Flori Roberts and Posner, among others, were always ahead of the game but Iman’s impact was greater because she was an honorary member of the industry elite. For her to make such a statement turned heads and made headlines.

But, to its credit, Estee Lauder has long stood out from its mainstream peers precisely because it has always favored models over celebrities. And, in regards to its spokesmodels of color, Joan Smalls was very much preceded by Liya Kebede. Even still, the Joan Smalls addition is wonderful news, especially on the heels of Estee Lauder signing its first Asian model Liu Wen. The face of beauty has long been multicultural but the mainstream fashion and beauty industry just began waking up to this in the 21st century in a major way and they are still moving at a snail’s pace for too many.

This struck me quite strongly when I visited Dakar, Senegal over the holidays to attend the Africa Fashion Awards. Although cultivating the fashion industry on the Continent, particularly in regards to designers, was very much the topic, I could not help but notice the beautiful Senegalese women who represented all that the industry says they want everywhere I went.  Tall and thin is the norm in Senegal for both women and men. Needless to say, flawless skin is also common.

Yes I know it takes more than height, proper weight and flawless skin to make a model. Personality is also a huge factor. Aerin Lauder, senior vice president and creative director of Estee Lauder, told Vogue.com “When we pick someone to represent the brand, it’s about her personality, too. It’s not just the face.”

But personality is very tricky because it’s very subjective as well. Like beauty, personality can also be in the eye of the beholder. Suppose someone makes a culturally insensitive statement or gesture and a model points it out, does she become less personable?  Is she now difficult to work with?

Sometimes we really don’t know. This industry is so not an exact science but one thing is certain: diversifying the faces of beauty that we see will help bridge the gaps. The more we see reflections of the world and not just one idea of beauty, the more comfortable we all become with the world of hues that’s our reality.

As we nestle into 2011, the fall shows are just around the corner.  Of course we never know if the message is getting across until we see the runways and the pages of our favorite magazines. In 2009, French Vogue disappointed greatly with its blackface spread with Dutch model Lara Stone and, last year, blackface photos of Claudia Schiffer shot by Karl Lagerfeld surfaced. And, of course, the runways were not nearly diverse enough. Hopefully 2011 will not unleash similar disappointments.

I know that I am not the only one ready to celebrate the beauty of all women and not just a European standard of beauty that hasn’t quite mastered its disappearing act. It’s a new year and we have plenty of reason to believe that, in 2011, we will continue to see the beauty and fashion industry move even closer to embracing us all.

Pop culture critic Ronda Racha Penrice is a veteran freelance writer and the author of African American History For Dummies. Her work about race, history and culture appears regularly on theGrio.com plus she serves as the Atlanta Editor for UPTOWN Magazine, which targets affluent African Americans.

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Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Moments Missoni | Chevron Blogging is the New Black

edict two Moments Missoni | Chevron Blogging is the New Black

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” – Harley Davidson

Living life on the wild-side, who can really keep track? Leaving the story telling to the haters is a great way to leave out juicy details and create angst among adoring fans. You know the drill, shut-up! Let me tell it. Branding is for stiffies and prose is for style but a real Momma Missoni blazes her own trail. Overly antiquated knock offs of the quintessential Italian Heritage staple could never compare to the effervescent utilitarianism of the classic chevron prints synonymous with M.
Moments Moments Missoni | Chevron Blogging is the New Black
All its forms and interpretations create Missoni Moments, debuting the carefree online diary as a window to the Missoni soul. Composed first of all of colour, secondly of words and images that become suggestions, stories, tales. Their history comprised into Missoni Moments a la mag published in collaboration with style bloggers, industry photographers, creative illustrators, ornate artists and vamp video makers. It’s about creativity, movement, originality and the spirit of the present, real time.

Five themed sections – Stories, Visions, Making Magic, Now On, The Place To Be – have names that recur as a leitmotif on the brand’s social channels (Instagram, Twitter), which will always be present on its pages. This is the leitmotif of an uninterrupted conversation with users that finds space within the site, as all contents will be open to comments, in a continuous dialogue that always sparks ideas and inspirations.

It talks about fashion, people, friends, art, creativity and lifestyles, and the contents will always be new and integrated with the online boutique. The graphics of the magazine, designed in collaboration with YOOX Group and with a “handmade” look, evoke the stylistic essence of the Brand. It is like opening a door and entering the world of Missoni, characterized by curiosity, warmth, art in all its forms, from the most conceptual to the practical side represented by craftsmanship. It is a world that finds beauty even in the smallest things, in the unexpected juxtaposition of colours, forms and thoughts, and in the natural elegance that comes from feeling at ease, without strained interpretations.

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Friday, September 13th, 2013

Atlanta, Beauty, POSHGLAM

Icebox Cryotherapy Atlanta | Time-Machine Meets Hard-Reset

Icebox Icebox Cryotherapy Atlanta | Time Machine Meets Hard ResetReady for a rapid-restart on life? I’m one for trying new-age regimens and beauty secrets, so I stopped by Icebox Cryotherapy and got the Oxygen-Party started. They are best known for providing recovery services for athletes and active adults, but host a number of aesthetic, health & wellness benefits as well. After stepping into the cozy space, and brushing shoulders with one of the local NBA players, I knew I was in for a pleasant uber-luxe experience. I was given furry shoes and a robe, and before i knew it, was standing nakey in the capsule. It was really really frigid and I luckily enough, I was able to focus on the founder, Alia Alston who helped me through the process. The treatment was rather short, including a freezing oxygen immersion followed by rapid cycling on a bike.

After careful research, she was introduced to this therapy after a car accident to assist in her own recovery from ailments and pain. Her discovery of it’s immense ability to alleviate chronic-pain & symptoms and shorten her healing time, was so thrilling Alston and brother decided to open a few locations.

Icebox is carefully tucked within the perimeter of busy Buckhead and offers a space for in and out recharge therapy. I must warn you: I squealed like a pig as my toes, tush and top half froze below. However, I gratefully admit dumbfounding results within one session.

I lost weight, I metabolized food more effectively, I slept better and I felt like a teenager, over 10 years past teens. It was quite a refreshing experience, I’m happy to look forward to regular treatments.

They provide:

A natural, safe, non-invasive service to aid athletic performance & recovery, pain management, inflammation reduction, health & wellness by promoting & stimulating the body’s natural healing process through cold therapy. Cryosauna is a revolutionary and cutting edge technology endorsed by many doctors, professional athletes & teams, trainers, Dr. Oz, The Doctors TV show, Nike & ESPN.

Cold therapy has been commonly used as a procedure to relieve pain symptoms, particularly in inflammation, injuries and overuse symptoms. Icebox Cryotherapy uses gas form nitrogen to lower the client’s skin surface temperature for a short time to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. The benefits of the 2 ½-3 minute session are decreased muscle soreness, quicker recovery time, boost immune system, tighter healthier skin, reduction in inflammation, metabolism boost, natural detox, quicker surgical recovery time by stimulating tissue repair and many more.

Cryotherapy 785x519 Icebox Cryotherapy Atlanta | Time Machine Meets Hard ResetThey are centrally located at Buckhead Court Shopping Center 3872 Roswell Road, #A2 Atlanta, GA 30342. They offer a variety of price packages starting at $70- $45 per session. Icebox Cryotherapy is the first and only Cryotherapy studio in Georgia. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit www.iceboxtherapy.com. Enjoy!

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